Saturday, 18 July 2009

Swine flu, success and signs

So I've thrown in the towel for the next few days and admitted defeat. I'm feeling yucky. I'm even off my food which is serious, LOL. Even if someone put succulent steak with hand cut chips and bernaise sauce with all the trimmings in front of me I couldn't bear it. Never mind, my Mother phoned earlier on and soothed me with her maternal warmth, "Only the good die young, you'll be fine". Yeah, thanks for that.

In spite of how bleurgh I was feeling last night, I had a very enjoyable two hour meet with a gentleman from Dundee who has just posted a field report for me, hurrah !! Here's the link :

He sent me a text after he left my hotel last night - "I'm cold and wet but I don't care because I had bloody fantastic sex tonight. I'll see you soon and thank you x." It's clients like him that make this job so enjoyable, and not just between the sheets.

Also I got my second marked assignment back from Uni today via email and I passed with merit so I'm chuffed to bits, long live pro-plus. :)

Whilst I was away, my fairy princess / pocket rocket decided that you can never have enough signs in a house, so my house is literally covered in them. *weeps*

The Bathroom rules one is a classic, it's behind the loo for all to see :

1. If your (sic) a boy put the seat down after you.

2. If your (sic) a girl do it as well in case the kitten falls in.

3. Wash your hands in case of swine flu. ( Erm ... )

4. If you pee, clean it up and don't be gross.

But the best one of all was when I went to the fridge to get some juice, there in big black letters :


So if you're trying to lose weight and struggling, please don't hesitate to drop me an email and I'll send my 8 year old around to provide motivational coaching.

This house will be a scene of carnage as soon as I get my energy back.

LL xx

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