Monday, 5 April 2010

Newcastle and Numpties

I'm visiting Newcastle !! I'm so excited, it will be my first time to tour there and I'll be with the delectable Susan fae Glasgow. We will be in a private luxury apartment on the 26th and 27th of April, so if you want to visit, you know what to do. Drop me an email, I'll be delighted to hear from you.

I've had a wonderful couple of days for a number of reasons. On Saturday I went back to my old home town to have some time out with G and the rest of my pals from old. ( You remember, the rabbit called "The Dog". )It was another splendid version of "Shameless in Scotland" and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was brilliant to let off some steam and just chill. Most of us made it to bed eventually apart from A, who woke up on the floor next to the rabbit hutch. ( As you do. )

The best thing about my pals in my old home town is that they know what I do for a living and are completely fine with it. In fact, when I was "outed", there were cries of exasperation - "How many times have we sat and watched Belle du Jour and all the while you kept quiet ?" I think they now understand that not everyone is as open minded, those that feel I should be burnt at a stake will never change their opinion, sad but true. In fact one of the biggest eye openers for me was observing who stuck around and who turned their backs, the old saying is very true, you soon find out who your real friends are.

From that den of iniquity I drove back to Glasgow on Sunday night to meet the perfect client. Why was he perfect ? Well, he read my site with interest and said he would like to meet for an extended session of cunnilingus. How could I refuse ? To be honest, it makes a refreshing change when someone takes the time to read my site, as opposed to the guy who texted last night to ask how much a half hour outcall to Edinburgh would cost.

Erm ...

- I don't do half hour outcalls, and

- I don't answer texts.

D'oh !!

It's a shame he didn't want domination, I could have introduced him to Big Bertha, my strap-on, hehe.

On that eye watering note, I'm off to prepare for tomorrow's day of incalls in sunny Glasgae.


LL xx

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