Sunday, 30 May 2010

Clients, Comments and Cruises

I am a very lucky girl. I've been a busy bee and met some lovely guys lately. On Wednesday I met a gentleman I've been looking forward to meeting for some time. He called me and requesting a two hour lunch date, said he said he would bring wine, so I got some nibbles. Sometimes in this mad world I love to inhabit I meet a guy and the chemistry is almost palpable. We had a wonderful afternoon of carnal delights, laughter and afterwards we lay in a sweaty heap, wondering about the people scuttling about Glasgow and going about their daily business. He has written me a review here ;

Thank you R, I very much enjoyed our afternoon too. ;)

The next day Susan and I headed off to York, where I met another lovely guy for a couple of hours. He arrived with wine and some feta cheese salads and after I had finally untied him, we devoured them with relish. York is beautiful and I may return there at some point, perhaps when the races are on ? Yesterday I left York and drove four hours back to Glasgow. A quick handstand in the shower and then it was off to meet another "R" for an overnight booking. He's a lovely guy and we have met before, but ...


Here's how I run my overnights. A dinner date and a breakfast date with some sleep in between. I often see ladies advertising 8 hour or ten hour overnights, and I must admit it makes me chuckle. Oh don't get me wrong, I'm sure it works really well for them, but the reality of it is, I have never done even a 12 hour overnight in my life and I'm unlikely to start anytime soon. I NEED SLEEP.

So, typically I'll get there at say 8pm, go for dinner ( maybe a quickie firstly ) and then retire for some fun before falling asleep c. 1am. Both parties sleep until 8am / 9am, wake gently, have a shower and some brekkie and finally some more fun before I depart about 11am / 12pm. So all in all it comes to say, 14 or 15 hours and every one's happy. Of course, sometimes it's different because my guy has a flight to catch or a meeting to go to and that's fine, but the general rule of thumb ( as my regular lovelies are only too well aware ) is - place a cup of tea by the side of the bed and back away S-L-O-W-L-Y. ( Milk, two sugars. ) I don't "do" mornings and never have. Sorry, to me they are an abomination, we are not called "ladies of the night" for no reason.

So, "R" and I had a conversation this morning after brekkie.

"Thanks, you really are an amazing woman."

"No problem, you really are a walking miracle."

"Eh ?"

"I have killed folk for less, in fact my pal Caitlin is running out of space under her patio."

I really enjoyed the night in truth, and sorry about the pillow. And the bed cover. Ahem. ;)

After that hectic schedule, I crawled back home today, absolutely exhausted, but in a very pleasant way. Tomorrow I'm off to Edinburgh to do a photo shoot in a boudoir setting which I'm really looking forward to and then on Tuesday I'm off to Southampton to meet Mr F for our week away on a cruise. Bliss. I will be unavailable until Friday 11th June so I'll catch up with you when I come back.

Finally, it was with a large churn of the stomach that I read the press release from Eaves concerning the Bradford murders today. What purpose does it serve to accuse activists from the IUSW of being pimps and punters only out to campaign for a change in the law to suit themselves ? We campaign for ALL sex workers, regardless of gender, class, or method of working. ALL sex workers deserve the full protection of the law, not persecution and certainly not violent assault or murder.

Just when I was losing the will to live, I read the excellent article in The Times by India Knight - link here -

In particular I was taken with this piece :

"It is simply not okay, in an otherwise civilised society, to leave these women to their fate. Murders are seldom sadder than when they are preventable. Blamires, Rushworth and Armitage might be alive today if they had worked in a big, clean, state-sanctioned brothel, with two giant bouncers on the door, panic buttons in the rooms and an in-house programme that weaned women off the class As.

A proper brothel, I mean, that said BROTHEL in big letters on the door — not some dodgy, gang-run massage parlour. And yes, I realise we live in The Age of Cuts and legislation would have to be passed and brothels would be expensive to set up and lots of people — people who are perfectly happy to look at online porn provided nobody knows about it — would wring their hands and cry “not in my street”. I suppose it all depends on how much value you put on people’s lives. "

Well said.

*wild applause*

On that note I'm off and will catch up with you on my return from my cruise.

LL xx

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