Sunday, 20 June 2010

Tribune and Tours

Evening all and greetings from home.

A very well written article appeared in the Tribune today by Cari Mitchell of the ECP. Entitled "How society allows the murder of its most vulnerable women", the article explored the effects of increased criminalisation of sex workers, specifically street workers. In increasing the penalties or activities around kerb crawling, all that is achieved is greater secrecy, when the women have to find a new and more inventive way to meet up with their clients, away from the police that should be there to protect them, not persecute them.

There's a link to the article here ;

As a parlour girl many years ago, I regularly attended a clinic for sex workers which provided free counselling, free condoms and free STI checks. There I had the opportunity to meet and speak to a lot of street workers, and they told me how the new legislation ( as it was at the time ) influenced their working lives. It boils down to this - no woman, no matter how desperate for her next fix she may be, is going to get into a car with a man she believes may cause her serious harm or injury. On the escort boards I post on, quite often you'll find a reference to ladies using their intuition and walking away from a client when it just doesn't feel right. There's a classic example of such a discussion here ;

Street workers have told me that they have a 5 second window in which to make that judgement call - when a prospective client pulls up in a car, no longer are they afforded the luxury of trying to size the client up, engage him in a little conversation, decide if he's OK. They just GET IN. So Cari Mitchell's article pretty much mirrors my comments from a couple of weeks ago, the State has blood on it's hands for those women that died. Every one of them. As much as I admire the stance India Knight took about an uber-brothel, in reality that wouldn't work. I think a lot of people in the UK are in favour of legalising prostitution for the safety of the women, but the mentality of "not on my doorstep" applies. So, the solution is to relax the laws and allow for example, two women to work together in a private apartment, where they can provide security for one and other.

In my opinion, the biggest opponent to prostitution in the minds of most people is not the act of money changing hands for sex, rather it is the perceived anti-social behaviour that goes with it. So, surely if the women are working in a flat where they have greater access to support services such that there is no need for drug dealers or pimps to be hanging around, the level of anti-social behaviour is instantly curbed ? Amanda and I have worked in many apartments together in the past, and I can honestly say that none of the neighbours had a clue, the only anti-social behaviour that was evident was our joint attempted abduction of the pizza delivery guy, because he was cute, and well, just because.

Speaking of Amanda, the brazen hussy has a new forum on her site, where you can join and chat to both of us and other decent folks too. The link is here ;

On that note I'm off. Amanda and I will be in Inverness next week, as will Susan. Next month Amanda and I are off to London with Bristol BBW Claire too, it will be a hoot. If you fancy a sandwich with a difference get booking, day 1 is almost booked out for me already. Hurrah.


LL xx

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