Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Reviews, Regional Anthems and Road Runner

Evening all, and greetings from LL Towers where I am relaxing after a long day. I met two gentlemen today, the first was a new guy and absolutely lovely and the second was a gent I've known for some time. He appeared to be deep in thought in the after glow so I asked him what was on his mind. Since I waved goodbye to alcohol ( my health is paramount for obvious reasons at the moment ), I have never felt better. My eyes are huge and clear and bright and I have oodles more energy, but back to thinking man.

"I've been thinking about how you've changed and now I have it. You look like one of those aliens that often adorn the front of the 'Weekly World News', you know, the ones with freaky eyes."

"Erm, thanks".( I think )

London was a blast, we came, we saw, we walked away from the smoking carnage. I finally had the opportunity to meet the splendorous Burlesque Honey and we spent the best part of an evening in hysterics, with Amanda and Claire. Medicine.

I also met a very nervous guy who had absolutely no need to be, what a gentleman and ahem, well, hottie too. He has written me a review here ;


It was my pleasure, and thank you. :)

Whilst in London, Amanda and I also had the pleasure of an old friend of mine and I see he has done a blog about it today ;


It's true that the room and bed were small, hells bells, if two people turned around at the same time in that room they could have had sex by accident. Is it my fault the rooms looked huge on Late Rooms ? Besides, my accountant is already birthing kittens as we speak without a further communication from me indicating a desire to write off a Presidential Suite as an "expense".

From London I hopped on a train to Leeds to meet Mr. F for the weekend, what a wonderful experience. All of it. To be honest I hadn't been on a train for years and it was so relaxing to just sit back and admire the scenery, bar the occasional interjection from the woman opposite who was obviously hard of hearing and so was unaware that the whole carriage could hear her conversation about how rediscovering her g-spot has made dealing with turning 50 a whole heap better. It was enough to put me off my muffin, ( almost ).

Finally I got to Leeds and Mr. F and I took off into the Yorkshire countryside for the weekend. Splendid. He even went to the trouble of teaching me the "Yorkshire Regional Anthem" -

"Hear all, see all, and say nowt,
Eat all, drink all and pay nowt,
And if tha' ever does 'owt for nowt,
Do it for thissen."

He also took me to "Opera in the Park". Now, ten years ago I'd rather have chewed off my left leg than go, but I must say, the hairs stood up on the back of my neck from start to finish, in particular the final song which was "Nessun Dorma". ( That top note gets me every time.) It was fantastic.

The last day of our weekend and we wandered out into the garden with our morning brews.

"Oooh look, there's a frog."

I was just moving towards that corner of the garden for a closer inspection when he announced;

"Oh no, hang on, it's a baby rat."

Never has one woman moved so fast in such a short space of time. ( Think Road Runner. ) I'm just sorry that Norris McWhirter ( RIP ) wasn't there to capture the moment, I'm sure I smashed a land speed record. Ne'er mind, Mr. F was in stitches for quite a while, so 'every cloud' and all that.


LL xx

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