Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Fears and Forward Thinking

Evening all, greetings from Carlisle. Since I last blogged I've been busy having a tremendous time, most recently in Inverness with Susan and Amanda. One of my subs there did a review for me, thank you !!

Speaking of subs, we've been at it again, my Slave Bitch and I. We've been on a journey I think, exploring each other's boundaries ( as he says ) and we have finally arrived at the moment I've been dreading, electric play. Now, I'm not afraid of VERY severe domination, in fact I enjoy it, but I'll let you into a little secret, I'm petrified of electricity.

At the tender age of about 7, my Mother and I were doing the garden one afternoon when she asked me to go and unplug the lawnmower. I couldn't get the plug out so I wandered into the kitchen and got a knife to force it from the socket. There was a loud bang and I was thrown across the hall. Since then, the mere crackle of electricity is enough to have me running for the proverbial hills. So there you have it, a fearsome dominatrix ( inter alia ) who strikes fear into the hearts of grown men but would rather shave my head than try and re-wire a plug.

I mention this now because in April I am off on an extended date with said slave and my latest toy has arrived, a 'tens machine'. When applied as intended with gel,it is apparently a very effective pain relief mechanism, however, when applied with no gel and increased oomph it's enough to give a sub a perm. Some how or other I need to get over this ridiculous fear if I'm to apply it with menance rather than shaking hands. Hmmmm.

Also, my slave has set me a challenge. He has offered to buy me a handmade leather catsuit which is jolly decent of him. I, however refuse point blank to wear such a tailor made object of beauty until I have lost at least two stone, I do not want to look like a ( badly ) rolled up carpet. So, I have until the end of March before I need to submit my measurements and so far I have lost seven pounds, hurrah !! The no alcohol helps of course, but I must increase my visits to the gym. It's just not exactly inspiring when you wake to grey skies and sleet.

On a far more serious note ;

The Private Member’s Bill introduced by Trish Godman MSP, Criminalisation of the Purchase and Sale of Sex (Scotland) Bill is currently out for public consultation until the 18th February 2011.

My initial reaction on reading the so-called Consultation Paper is to ignore it simply for the reason that it is so partisan as not to be a true attempt to look at the issues with any semblance of objectivity and instead leave it to all the feminist anti-prostitution groups write in with their supporting opinions. Godman is so prejudiced that she will not be moved by any arguments that we produce, so what is the point of making a contribution at all at this stage.

The result of Godman's so called 'Consultation' will be passed to the Parliamentary draughtsmen who will produce a Bill which will be so extreme that it may so scare the MSP's as being a lunatic measure produced as a final shot by a retiring MSP and they may disassociate themselves from it completely and not even want to amend it. These MSP's can be scared into taking no action and that can be seen in their recent complete rejection of Margo Macdonald's attempt to introduce a form of legal 'euthanasia by choice' in the form of the End of Life Assistance Bill.

Apart from that there is an Election in May 2011 and somehow I doubt that there will be time for the Parliament to deal with any measures produced by Godman before then. As I understand any Bill which has not been passed by May 2011 will fall.

It seems to me that only when the Godman measures come before the Justice Committee as a Bill that our arguments should be laid against it in the same way that contributions were made to amend Section 34 of the Criminal Justice and Licensing (Scotland) Bill earlier this year.

Of course one could argue that since she is retiring in May 2011, Ms. Godman is seeking to increase her appearance fees. I couldn't possibly comment. ;)

I need to get my thinking cap on and follow up on the correspondence I have already opened with various MSP's.

"Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does."
William James

LL xx


  1. 1st part - V Funny
    2nd part - Concerning

  2. 1. Ta :)

    2. I know. Action is required en masse to stop this getting through.


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