Friday, 27 May 2011

Call-girls and Codes

Seldom do I get annoyed by the writings of other ladies, even when I came in for criticism myself for speaking to the press. ( Apparently it was all self promotion and they mused further on who looks after my daughter when I'm away working. Dear God. )

However, one lady has got my blood boiling - Helen Wood. There is an article in today's Daily Mail, the main crux of which is as follows -

The prostitute who slept with Wayne Rooney claimed yesterday that a friend of hers is charging an MP for sex.

Helen Wood said the call girl had compromising pictures which would make it ‘very hard for him to deny anything’.

But she said the unnamed politician can ‘rest easy’ as her friend will not sell the story because she wants to maintain her privacy.

Miss Wood, 24, boasted that she had ‘many famous clients’ during her time as a working girl.

She said: ‘There is now a celebrity cast, and by no means all of them actors and footballers.’

In an article in the Spectator magazine she told how she was astonished when last month she was slapped with a gagging order by an actor who had visited her.

She said: ‘I’ve since found out that this actor has given interviews about his perfect family and fidelity.

‘So I have this advice for him: if you’re going to see escort girls, don’t brag about your squeaky-clean private life.’

Well Ms. Wood, I have this advice for you, SHUT UP.

People like you give the rest of us in this industry who really do value discretion a very bad name. There is a code of honour amongst us ladies of negotiable virtue, well, those of us who care about our reputation at any rate.

The original online call girl Belle came in for a lot of criticism for glamourising the industry ( inter alia ) but did she ever name a client ? Nope.

J and I were talking about the incident last year when he became ill and I had to call an ambulance. I had to tell the paramedics that he was one of my sub clients, simply because he was marked and otherwise they would suspect domestic abuse of some sort. The thought did occur to us afterwards that they could try and earn a penny or two by calling the scum press but as I said to him, were that to be the case I would protect him to the death, because that's what I'm paid for. Seemples.

Ironically, when I was talking to a journalist recently she put down her pad and said, "Off the record, just between you and I, who have you seen ?"

"I can tell you categorically that I've never been near Wayne Rooney and would rather starve, how's that ?"

I think she got the message. ;)

LL xx


  1. Dear Laura,

    Don’t let them get you down. I doubt the persons in question get many repeat bookings or recommendations.

    I for one though am very pleased that you are a lady of the upmost discretion and can be trusted to keep a secret or two. One of the many reasons I was willing and able to disappear off with you on our recent break in April, which I have to say I enjoyed immensely.

    Let me address the question raised at the beginning of the article ‘who looks after my daughter when I'm away working?’
    Low, very low would the persons think to ask another working professional (more about attitude, than the actual job), e.g. teacher, nurse I think not. I’m confident that Laura’s daughter is well looked after when she is away, certainly on our recent break she was on the phone to her every evening to check she was okay and had done her homework.

    See you soon,
    Love *J*

  2. The mind boggles, dunnit ? Oh well, they only succeed in letting everyone else know the true person that they are. See you soon. :) xx


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