Thursday, 8 December 2011

Reports and remonstrations

Two brand new shiny reviews, here and here. Thanks Misters !!

While I remember it, huge thanks to David Cameron for the recent invaluable advice offered to the parents of those children without a teacher during the industrial action on Wednesday. "Take the kids to work".

Oh aye, because that will work. I should have taken herself to Belfast with me.

"Not now sweetpea, Mammy just needs to whip this naughty man and then I'll be right with you, we'll go to McDonalds I promise."


LL xx


  1. Just been listening to you on 5 live, you did great! Loved the question about tax...hehe.

  2. Thanks ! :D

    My stomach was churning but I'm glad I did it xx

  3. Hi Laura,

    Great Radio 5 interview. Sounded very controlled and showed more restraint that I would and all very logical arguments and comments, which is more than I can say for the majority.


  4. Thanks John, much appreciated. I'm planning to write a blog on it tomorrow at some point before I disappear for a weekend of hell with my slave, heh heh. :)


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