Saturday, 26 May 2012


Good evening, I am just popping in to do a quick update before I go forth and drape my thong over a gentleman's table side lamp. I know this is short notice, but as Amanda would say, "suck it up cupcakes", (she really is most uncouth at the best of times).

Next Sunday the 3rd of June, I am doing the Race For Life in our very own Glasgae. Last year I managed to raise an amazing £500 due to the generosity of you lovely people. This year I am doing something a little different.

ALL of us at SCOT-PEP work our backsides to the bone to ensure that your rights as a sex worker or as a patron of ladies of negotiable virtue remain intact and the work involved can be time consuming and labour intensive. Now, more than ever, we need your support to fight the proposed legislative changes which are afoot with specific mention to Rhoda Grant's endeavours.

SCOT-PEP is a registered charity and has a PayPal donation facility on it's website, you will find the link hereNow, if I can get off my fa curvy backside and do a 5k run on a Sunday morning, all I am asking of you is that you make a donation to SCOT-PEP and it really doesn't matter how small. Please mark any donation with the reference "RFL" so we can keep track of how I'm doing. It goes without saying that all donations are completely confidential.

I will also have a sponsorship sheet with me when I'm on the tour trail but that will be for cancer research, not SCOT-PEP, it is absolutely your prerogative to choose which one (if any) you will donate to. (That is indeed the correct spelling of prerogative, email me at your peril, pedants.)

Next year I will do it for the IUSW, just let me get through this one alive firstly.

So, wish me luck. If I don't make it to Belfast on the 4th of June, then the chances are I'm in an oxygen tent or Glasgow Royal Infirmary in which case all donations of chocolate will be very gratefully received.

LL xx

Friday, 25 May 2012

A Feminist Whore ? Surely not ....

Am I a feminist ? Absofeckinlutely, but here's the thing, I am what you might call a traditional feminist. To me that means that as women, we are equal to men, not superior. Oh sure, we carry the can when it comes to childcare etc, but don't we expect a lot of our menfolk too ? If you subscribe to the age old stereotype then man should be the hunter, slaying a mammoth for dinner or at the very least beating up the guy next door because he peered at "his woman" over the geraniums. These days, and in times of recession then it's whoever has a job hangs onto it for dear life, conforming to stereotypes for the sake of it can lead to poverty, relationship breakdowns and a serious compromise to the welfare of the children, that's a fact.

A long time ago and in a doctor's waiting room far away, I was busying myself by reading the gardening section of a Sunday Times magazine, (I hate gardening). I was praying to anyone who would listen that the very elderly lady beside me wouldn't try and strike up a conversation. (I know, but I was in a dreadful mood and really not in the humour for a conversation around the useful properties of figs in the treatment of constipation.) As it turns out, I'm very glad she did strike up a conversation because we ended up so lost in our exchange that the receptionist had to bellow my name to get my attention. Eunice (not her real name, not that it matters) told me that as a young girl she worked for a number of years in a factory, before falling in love with a dubious cad who went on to become her husband of some 40 years. (He was a bastard apparently, but she still missed him every day.) Eunice became the first woman to successfully challenge the rule in that factory that all married women had to give up their jobs to become home makers. This was in a time where the woman's place was very definitely in the kitchen, as a matter of fact under Irish law, until relatively recently, a woman was considered a "chattel", no better than furniture, and there was no such thing as marital rape. I'll just say that again. THERE WAS NO SUCH THING AS MARITAL RAPE, once you were married you were automatically deemed to have given consent, ergo, your husband could do as he liked and there was nothing you could do about it.

Further, I can remember when the proposed legislative change to the divorce laws in Ireland came up for consideration. Night after night we sat watching RTE broadcasts of Catholic priests urging us to consider our faith and our pledges in marriage, to divorce was to fly in the face of The Vatican and those who sought a divorce would surely burn in the fires of hell. So, if your husband broke your jaw, or regularly beat your children to within an inch of their lives, tough. You were married for better or worse, brush that hair and be sure to be at Mass at 10am on Sunday, in case the neighbours talked.

When it comes to feminism, I don't believe that I should burn my bra, aside from anything else, have you ANY idea how much that cost ? Also, I don't think throwing myself beneath a horse or chaining myself to the railings of Holyrood will achieve much either, well it would certainly get press coverage for whatever cause it is I'm proposing to champion, but ultimately, I think I would look pretty foolish. I wouldn't consider myself a "radical" feminist either, quite obviously I don't believe that every time I allow a client to have sex with me it is rape and I am letting down "The Sisterhood". It's been an age since I've looked at actus reus or mens rea but I'm pretty sure that the burden of proof rests upon a lack of consent. As a sex worker, when I have finally untied a submissive male and as a "reward", allow him to have some sexual favours with me then to be honest I'm struggling to see who is consenting in that situation.

As I have declared myself a feminist, you'd be forgiven for thinking that I probably should and have read "The Female Eunuch". The answer to that would be a resounding 'no', because I have no great desire to taste my own menstrual blood and further, given my own curly mop then I resent, yes I said RESENT, Greer's pop at Suzanne Moore for her back combed hair, (sigh). See I'm not a selective feminist either, I don't subscribe to the notion that there is an elite group of women who are entitled to give themselves the title of feminist and to hell with everyone else. Either you support ALL women in their given choices or you don't, it's that simple.

So what do I believe in then, as a feminist in the very old fashioned "I have so reclaimed this word" kinda way ? It's very simple really. Like Eunice, I believe I have the choice to work, quite legally, without fear and the overhanging threat of intimidation, and stigma. That's all.

I don't ask you to place me on a pedestal, I don't ask you to declare me as superior to the male sex, I don't ask for any "special" treatment whatsoever. I simply ask you to respect my right to work as a sex worker, to make the informed choices that I make every day, without recourse to a "nanny state" which seeks to impose sanction on me, or my client.

In that regard, I ask my readers to consider the latest proposals from Rhoda Grant which will be tabled shortly in Holyrood. Ms. Grant is seeking to have a bill approved which will make it illegal for my clients to come to me as a perfectly willing and happy provider, and pay for my services.

The link is here, and I will write on it further as it develops.

LL xx

Thursday, 17 May 2012

London Visit and a Warning

Good afternoon all, I am back with a bang. It was a very difficult number of weeks for me but thanks to my good friends and family I am still here and still smiling. I am off to London on Monday morning, if you would like to book some fun do let me know as I have very limited spaces left. I will catch up with blogging over the weekend I hope, at the moment I am up to my stocking tops in it. Quaint expression, is that.

In the meantime I have copied and pasted this very important warning from Adorable Amy's blog, it is essential that the men carrying out these attacks are caught, and quickly. I urge any other ladies who have a blog to please copy and paste the warning to your blog also.

Anybody who might be reading in the Nottingham area, please pass this on to any ladies you know working in the city as a matter of some urgency.
There have now been six attacks in eight nights by the same two men, although the most recent attack I know about was the ‘main’ man acting alone. This was last night (15th May) in a Nottingham hotel where a woman was beaten and robbed – the first report of an attack I got was on the 6th of May and both men were involved.
The first man (and the one who has attacked on his own) is called Jerome but also uses the name Aaron, is about 5’6″, light skinned mixed race, and in his twenties. He has a strong ‘black’ chav or ‘hoodie’ accent and has worn dark/all black clothing.
The second man is about the same height, stockier build and also light skinned mixed race, Jamaican origin/accent wearing sage green hooded coat/jacket (hands in pockets) hood up and drawstring pulled tight like Kenny the South Park character.
Their MO has been to make a booking which ‘Jerome’ goes ahead with, returning to the incall premises just after he has gone claiming to have left something behind, which is when his friend has burst in and they have carried out these attacks and robbed the WG. ‘Jerome’ is getting braver now and in the most recent incident attacked as soon as he arrived.
The main mobile number used has been 075841204** and they have also used 077283990** – contact me for full numbers.
LL xx

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Quick update

Due to family circumstances I will be unavailable for the next week or so, profuse apologies but I will be back as soon as I can.

Laura x

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Land of Saints and Scholars - part two

J and I left Dublin for the beautiful South Coast and arrived in Waterford, not exactly a buzzing metropolis I'll grant you, but very beautiful to stroll around and our hotel was just as the doctor ordered. Who knew Waterford has a sex shop now ? Ye Gods, it's a far cry from my memories of buckets and spades on Tramore beach. Actually, what tickled me was not so much the sex shop but the "booth" therein, where a passing gent could spend a couple of Euros to indulge in a quick spot of porn and erm ... relief. Soho has finally reached the South coast of Ireland, well I never.

The hotel itself was deathly quiet when we checked in and I did wonder if it was conducive to kicking J up and down a corner suite with his pitiful cries going un-noticed. Happily, on our return from dinner, the population of the hotel had swelled on foot of a clapped out tour bus carrying the geriatric version of Club 18 - 30. For want of a better word, they were being "entertained" in the bar by Finbar* (*names changed to protect the completely inadequate) with his keyboard and a right foot which operated rather like a flipper, thrashing away at a drum machine at least two beats behind each note of the song being murdered.

"Quelle horreur!" I thought.

This was a crime against music and no mistake. As an aside, one of the people I most greatly admire from a musical point of view is Les Dawson, yes I said LES DAWSON. If you recall, he had the most marvellous ability to play any song just one semi-tone off key throughout, resulting in anyone with even half a musical ear fighting to control their rattling teeth. In actual fact, it takes a person who is very musical in the first place to be able to pull that off, and it used to make me howl with laughter. In fact, I've just found this wonderful clip of him singing "Feelings", click here. RIP. :(

Anyway, back to the bar; things went from bad to worse when Finbar announced he was taking requests, and there was a veritable stampede of hush puppies and other sensible shoes to the stage. There's always one, isn't there ? One very elderly man who does Elvis to varying degrees of success, in this case he was actually fantastic and sang a couple of his classic hits, I'm sure I saw several embroidered hankies being used to quell feverish brows when he swung his hips to "Suspicious Minds". I couldn't let the opportunity go and wrestled with my conscience as to what to sing. For a fleeting moment I entertained the idea of that dreadful song by Samantha Fox - "Touch me", but thought better of it, and in the end I went for a safe bet - "Crazy", by Patsy Cline. It went down a storm and I had lots of hugs, an offer of marriage and a slap on the back that nearly sent me into reception, (Irish farmers just don't know their own strength). Having secured several bookings for a 21st, a Christening and a hurriedly arranged wedding, Finbar was packing up his one man orchestra and J and I decided to call it a night, when the magic happened. It was pre-empted by the usual declaration -


A hush descended on the bar and from the corner of the room, "Mick" began to sing in a mournful, soulful and truly moving way about his inevitable demise to Greenland with dolphins, and so it went on. Song after song from misty-eyed patriots who in all honesty, had never set foot in "The Fields of Athenry" in their lives, let alone fought in the "Great Fallen of 1916". It was all I could do to stop myself reminding one gentleman who was mourning his beautiful Motherland that actually, he lived in the bungalow, first turn on the right. I think I would have been thumped for that offence.

As I tried to explain to J in hushed tones, this is the way things are done in Ireland. When someone dies, everyone gets together for the "tórraimh", or the "wake" and remembers the person, and rather than mourn they laugh at the good memories they have of them, then they get absolutely rat arsed and sing. Following on from that is the funeral, where everyone dresses in black, pays their respects, and then they get rat arsed and sing. Come to think of it, there aren't many occasions when my country folk don't get rat arsed and sing.

Given his (ahem) Etonian accent, by now J was positively panicked, because THAT stage of the evening had begun where the songs had adopted a staunch "rebel" theme, so much so that he refused point blank to open his mouth for fear of being lynched, so we called it a night, for real this time.

You know, whenever I go back to Ireland to visit my clan, it's always really hard to leave them, and if I'm honest I usually have a howl on the way back to Scotland, but for the first time I realised that it is the people and the culture I miss too, I sat amongst those warm, wonderful people and for the first time in many years, I realised I was very, very homesick.

LL xx