Saturday, 26 May 2012


Good evening, I am just popping in to do a quick update before I go forth and drape my thong over a gentleman's table side lamp. I know this is short notice, but as Amanda would say, "suck it up cupcakes", (she really is most uncouth at the best of times).

Next Sunday the 3rd of June, I am doing the Race For Life in our very own Glasgae. Last year I managed to raise an amazing £500 due to the generosity of you lovely people. This year I am doing something a little different.

ALL of us at SCOT-PEP work our backsides to the bone to ensure that your rights as a sex worker or as a patron of ladies of negotiable virtue remain intact and the work involved can be time consuming and labour intensive. Now, more than ever, we need your support to fight the proposed legislative changes which are afoot with specific mention to Rhoda Grant's endeavours.

SCOT-PEP is a registered charity and has a PayPal donation facility on it's website, you will find the link hereNow, if I can get off my fa curvy backside and do a 5k run on a Sunday morning, all I am asking of you is that you make a donation to SCOT-PEP and it really doesn't matter how small. Please mark any donation with the reference "RFL" so we can keep track of how I'm doing. It goes without saying that all donations are completely confidential.

I will also have a sponsorship sheet with me when I'm on the tour trail but that will be for cancer research, not SCOT-PEP, it is absolutely your prerogative to choose which one (if any) you will donate to. (That is indeed the correct spelling of prerogative, email me at your peril, pedants.)

Next year I will do it for the IUSW, just let me get through this one alive firstly.

So, wish me luck. If I don't make it to Belfast on the 4th of June, then the chances are I'm in an oxygen tent or Glasgow Royal Infirmary in which case all donations of chocolate will be very gratefully received.

LL xx


  1. All the best for the RFL run x

  2. hope its not too hot for your run and the rain stays away :-) j

  3. Hope the RFL went well today. Rather you than me but you're fab for doing it.

  4. Thank you very much, I'm not fab at all, it's an honour to do it and I'm very grateful that I'm fit and healthy enough to do it too. xx


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