Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Sex workers and Spanish Ladies

Good evening and greetings from Belfast where I have had a belting day. I don't want to brag about having had a particularly busy day but suffice to say that if CSI came in here, my bed would light up like a Christmas tree. So firstly, let me get announcements out of the way, I have done my diary until the end of May (I know, but I have two longer bookings coming up so I wanted to plan around them). Anyway, good news, I shall be visiting London (central, Bloomsbury) on the 21st and 22nd of May. I expect bookings for this visit to book up rather quickly so do get in touch if you fancy a bed picnic. I love London, I haven't been this excited since "Steps" announced their reunion.

This week The Met came under fire, overall they're not having a very good time of it at the moment, are they ? This time it was concerning their handling of looking for trafficked sex workers in the run up to the Olympics. A report commissioned by the London mayor, Boris Johnson accused officers of a "heavy handed" approach to brothel raids and of failing to find victims of trafficking. In his report, Andrew Boff said -
"The information I have gathered … demonstrates that police have been proactively raiding sex establishments without complaint nor significant intelligence that exploitation is taking place."

He went on to say -

"I believe the police have spent a lot of time trying to find victims of trafficking in the places where they are unlikely to be. The political drivers have been wrong on this. SCD9 is barking up the wrong tree.

"One of my starkest findings was the absence of west Africans among the women found by SCD9. These victims won't be found by going into a massage parlour and asking everybody whether they have been trafficked.

"By going in, in this way they are driving some of these women further into the shadows. There is evidence of increasing fear of the police amongst sex workers which has resulted in a reluctance to report crime."

He called on the police to rethink the way they investigate sex trafficking and to build better relations with sex workers.

Sorry to bang the proverbial drum, but is that not what I said verbatim in "The Skinny" ? Why don't the police open up communication with us, the sex workers and our clients also, specifically to combat trafficking ? We can help, we meet these people first hand. Although I am not a trafficked woman ( although under the current legislation, actually I am ... ) I come into contact with guys who have seen something they weren't happy with.

Solution - Throw an open invitation out to sex workers and their clients and allow them to come forward and report what they know, without having to give their real names or face the fact that they will forever be on some invisible register as a known sex worker or for that matter, "punter".

Meanwhile, this story really tickled me, Spain's high-class escorts are refusing to have sex with the nation's bankers - until they open up credit lines to cash-strapped families and firms.

Madrid's top-end prostitutes say their indefinite strike will continue until bank employees 'fulfil their responsibility to society' and start offering bigger loans for struggling Spaniards. GO GIRLS !!

LL xx


  1. Hi Laura. My name is Montse Neira. I a sex work in Barcelona, Spain.
    Mi blog is:
    The news of the strikes of escorts is false (fake)
    It was a joke.
    We are having a very serious crisis and banks have a big responsibility.
    Unfortunately in Spain it is the same as in London, regarding trafficking in human beings. The police enter the brothels trying to rescue victims when it is much more complex and complicated everything.
    A hug from Spain

    1. Hello !! Thank you so much for your comment, I had no idea it was a joke, I did wonder how on earth they would enforce it :) I've just been reading your blog too (no hablo mucho espaƱol) and learning of brothels having to pay to avoid being raided, absolutely horrendous. Anti-trafficking measures are about to increase dramatically here due to the Olympics I think. A hug to you too from Ireland and keep up the good work. xx

  2. Was just reading the Spanish news myself...!


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