Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Aberdeen, Articles and Assumptions

Good evening and greetings fae Aberdeen. I found this amazing article from 2007 today written by Howard Jacobson :

"The sexual instinct is a hydra-headed beast. It would be wrong of me to deny the violence which attaches to prostitution but there's more than one way of being in denial, and those who see only oppressive exploitation in the transaction between prostitute and client also fail to honour the complexities of sex. Some men might go to prostitutes to "use" them, but not all do. The exchange of money is freighted with meaning, and part of what it entails is the man's desire to hold himself cheap, to put himself at the pleading end of the power exchange, to abnegate his masculinity. Without doubt some men go to prostitutes to do them harm; but some go to harm themselves. Others, of course, go because they're desperate, and if paying money is the only way they'll find erotic company for a night, an hour, or just five minutes, then they'll pay it. And some simply go because they can, because they've nothing else to do, because they're bored and feeling hot, want nothing other than an uncomplicated good time, and intend no evil or disrespect by it.

That a prostitute might occasionally be touched by a man's shyness, or made curious by his need to hurt himself, or softened by his loneliness, or just amused by his idle pleasure-seeking – that she might, without being a fictionalised tart with a heart, find something for herself in any of these conditions – does not seem to me impossible. If you don't accept that – if you won't have it that a man can have any motive for visiting a prostitute other than the exercise of brute power – then yours is as vile a view of human nature as the pimp's or pusher's. And if you can't imagine the prostitute being humane enough, sometimes, to be intrigued, softened, engaged or even aroused, then yours is the low view of woman."

What a fantastic statement and it made me smile to see that someone, somewhere gets it. The tart with a heart is not a myth, I have met many women in my time who are beautiful inside and out. In my former home town I found it ironic to stand in a queue in a shop one day and overhear a conversation ; " Did you hear about so and so ? A hooker !! And I always thought she was such a lovely girl."


I am and will always be, a lovely girl. I am not defined by my chosen profession, rather my chosen profession is an extension of the hidden and fun loving whore I always knew was lurking beneath.

Overall it's been a great week for me, I had a ball in Edinburgh last week and hooked up with some friends for dinner too. Rachel Rossi, Manchester Amber and Crista were all in Edinburgh too so we had a right laugh. For as long as I live I will have fond memories of Crista and I standing outside our 5 star hotel amusing passers by with our "When Harry met Sally" impressions. Pair of nutters.

This week in the news I was aghast to see that Glasgow City Council are calling for the purchase of sex to be made illegal.

West Renfrewshire Labour MSP Trish Godman said she planned to propose changes to planned and existing legislation at Holyrood in the coming weeks.

She said: "We believe these amendments present a simple but devastatingly effective means of challenging demand for prostitution.

"Introducing these amendments as law would ensure that anyone involved in the purchase, marketing or facilitation of sexual services would be criminalised whether these acts took place on the street or indoors.

"Every shred of evidence indicates that prostitution is inherently harmful. It is incredible that something which so clearly breaches an individual's right to dignity, equality, respect and physical and mental well-being has gone unhindered for so long."

Err, what about my right to make a living and support my family ? What about my right to privacy when I do what I do behind closed doors between consenting adults ?
Is it better for my "mental well-being" to fund my degree by claiming benefits ?

Turning back to Glasgow City Council for a moment, if you look at their website which is http://www.endprostitutionnow.org/, you come across this "job description";

"HELP WANTED: Women and girls do you want this job?

Are you tried of mindless, low skilled, low-paying jobs? Would you like a career with flexible hours? Working with people? Offering a professional service?

• No experience required! No qualifications needed. No minimum age requirement. On the job training provided.

• Special opportunities for poor women – exotic looking women - single mothers – women of colour

• Women and girls applying for this position will provide the following services:

• Being penetrated orally, anally and vaginally with penises, fingers, fists and objects, including but not limited to bottles, brushes, dildos, guns and/or animals;

•Being bound and gagged, tied with ropes and/or chains, burned with cigarettes, or hung from beams or trees."

How offensive. To me that deems us women of limited intellect who have little or no control over what happens to our bodies. I would suggest that I have more control over my body than the ladies who go out on a Friday night and get absolutely smashed, before going home and sleeping with some reprobate they found in a club.

No-one is going to deny that trafficking happens in Scotland, I know it happens. I also know that banning the purchase of sex will drive the industry underground and it will become nigh on impossible to reach those women who so desperately need our help. If we didn't have street workers in Glasgow and they were in legalised brothels then the violence towards them would deplete and the outreach services would have a far easier job in contacting them.

As an aside, how exactly are they going to make it an offence to purchase sex in Scotland when Edinburgh City Council make the money they do from the "Annual Entertainments Licence Fee" that they charge the local saunas ? Either they give up their lucrative income or they oppose the proposed legislative changes. Hmmm, it's a close call. ;)

Oh well, as I said earlier on Twitter this week, I'll try to remember how downtrodden I am when I have my slave bitch handcuffed to the bed and am flogging his ass.


LL xx

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  1. Isn't Trish Godman the mother of one of the three NatWest schysters who were involved (peripherally and in London only) with Enron's debacle, and then were extradited to the USA to please George W Bush?

    The extradition was shitty, be in no doubt, but the three had ripped off NatWest for a clear £6m, which I'd say was a good deal naughtier than your trade. Does Trish have any comment?


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