Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Doubtful hints and Double Lives

Good evening and greetings from freezing Aberdeen. I won't tell you a lie, I am in a woeful mood, perpetuated by timewasters, forums and life in general.

On my way here I had what you could call a "personal emergency". That is, I turned onto the A9 and felt the first twinge of needing the bathroom. Now, most people would have stopped at the last available garage for 60 miles, but not moi. Oh no, I decided to carry on and that I would be fine. About 40 miles into that 60 mile journey I decided I was anything else but fine and would have to pull over. Happily for me, a little while ago I gained a valuable travelling tip from a fellow Scottish Escort who puts in a lot of mileage.

So I put her plan into practice. I pulled into a layby, and opened the back door and the front door, before settling down between them. It was a perfect plan where fellow motorists were concerned because they could see nothing, but what I hadn't counted on was the vast numbers of 40 foot articulated lorries who also use the A9. So to the lorry drivers who tooted and whistled the other day, you're sick. SICK. Do you hear me ?

I would love to reveal the identity of the escort who shared that helpful nugget with me but I'm aware that she guards her high class image with a ferocity that is incredible, so I shall keep schtum.

Speaking of Amanda, we have just finalised our dates for February and will also be visiting Leeds, so hopefully we will meet up with some of you far flung guys.

I watched with great interest the program on TV last night which featured Billie Piper and Dr. Brooke Magnanti. The chemistry between the two women was fascinating and I was also very interested in some of Dr. Magnanti's replies.

When asked about whether it was true that "Belle" and "Brooke" has two separate wardrobes, she replied "Yes".

I suppose I'm the same, I have "Laura" clothes, including gravity defying dresses that I would never wear in a social situation and I also have separate underwear drawers. In one drawer I have my white Sloggis and in the other I have my satin, silk and lace undies for playing.

What interested me most was the comparison between Billie as an actress and Dr. Magnanti as an actress too. I agree with a lot of what she said. I can spend the whole day at home studying and cleaning and doing my domestic Goddess bit in a tracksuit and trainers. ( Attractive, eh ? )

But there comes that time when I look in the mirror and announce loudly ( to the cats mainly, because they're the only ones that listen ) ..

"It's shower time, and it's show time."

I come out of the shower and make myself up to perfection and I suppose the big question at that point ( as was raised last night ) is if I become someone else.

I suppose I do. I love to stroll out my front door in a very short evening dress and notice the taxi man trying desperately not to notice my high heel clad pins. If I had to draw a comparison, I would say "Laura" is more confident than I, she looks good and she knows it. She walks into a restaurant and turns heads, and loves it. She has a "presence" that cannot be defined, she fills a room.

My alter ego would probably show up late, very dishevelled and apologising profusely, and shuffle anonymously to the back of the room. Which is the real me ? I'm not sure, probably somewhere down the middle.

"Belle" said another thing to Billie last night which interested me. She said, "The more I knew I was good at it, the more I enjoyed it. It's like when you finish a scene, you say to yourself, 'That was damn good, I totally nailed that."

As Billie said, I get satisfaction from knowing I have "nailed" a man. That sounds very harsh so I'll explain. I love the feeling of leaving a man utterly spent on a hotel bed whilst I smile and quietly let myself out. I love the feeling of a man who until an hour ago has been a virgin and gives me a gentle kiss on the nose, I love the feel of a man who gets up early in the morning to bring me breakfast in bed because he has enjoyed the night. I love the feeling of achievement.

"That guy contacted me with a particular objective in mind and we have achieved it."

In my mind that is true job satisfaction. For as long as I continue to leave a hotel grinning like a Cheshire cat, and more importantly, leave my guy in the same state, I will continue to enjoy my "double life".


LL xx

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  1. You are the first person I've heard make the comment, "Billie as an actress and Dr. Magnanti as an actress". It made me think. If all escorts are like Belle and NEVER have an orgasm with a client then maybe the Oscars are being awarded to the wrong group of actors.


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