Sunday, 1 November 2009

Lords and Lunatics

I'm weary. I'm tired from all the online arguments with bigots and misogynistic politicians. I have come to the conclusion that they will never hear the voice of reason, no matter how plainly it is presented to them.

As you know, I visit Harlot's Parlour every so often and have my say over there. I have to be honest, I feel that the people who contribute there are far better read than I and without a doubt infinitely more suited to constructing a valid argument to counter a relentless onslaught. But the point is this, as simplistic as my approach may be, I do recognise the difference between right and wrong, and what is being proposed as a "realistic" approach towards the "problem" of prostitution is very wrong and also based on assumptions built on a bedrock of false statistics.

I have been in correspondence with a gentleman who gave me his permission to publish this excellent piece : "An open letter to the House of Lords", so I've put it on Harlot's Parlour :

I too have written to the Lords and I sincerely hope that enough voices with reasoned argument will make a difference. As per usual, any pro-active action by an escort is met by 95% support and applause within the industry. The remaining 5% who gossip and snigger can kiss my ever decreasing backside. :)

Since I last blogged I've been working really hard, both in escorting and also at my studies, so any time to myself has been precious and treasured. As you know I love my kitties so imagine how gutted I was when I found my boy cat was peeing blood again. Last week I had him at the vets no fewer than 3 times and the vet came to the conclusion that he is prone to cystitis from stress. Gawd. Tomorrow I'm off to buy him a plug-in diffuser that apparently calms even the most nervy cat. I don't think it's to do with my kitten per se, because he's had it before she ever arrived, however I suspect her launching "Kujo" style attacks on his head from the top of the sofa probably doesn't help.

Speaking of random attacks, I had a text from my Mother yesterday, " Greetings from Lanzarote. Plenty of sun, sea, sand and sex." Bleurgh. God alone knows who she has collared now, no doubt I'll get the details alongside vivid descriptions at her earliest convenience.

I was amused to discover recently that my brother reads my blog. ( How wrong is that ? )Hi G. :} Anyway, he said he doesn't mind reading my explicit tales of romps with various clients but parental sex makes him retch. Uh huh, Amen to that.

Last week I travelled to Manchester to attend an industry social and it was hugely enjoyable. Kit and Kat were there, the porn star sisters. ( If you don't know who I mean, google them but ensure you're seated comfortably firstly. ) It was a wonderful opportunity for me to catch up with some of the lewdies I love and a good laugh was had by all.

On Wednesday night I had an overnight booking with an accountant. Far from being the stereotypical bore, like myself he is just on the positive side of eccentric and we had a riot. It was very strange, the more we chatted, the more we found we had in common and by the end of the evening we were tripping over each other to speak. He mentioned to me that he thinks there is a gap in the market for information and advice for Scottish ladies on all things taxation. I agree. So, he is in the process of organising a symposium in Glasgow at some point in the not too distant future. This will be a half day in a hotel where he will give a talk on the relevant parts of taxation to our industry and of course there will be lots of time for questions and answers afterwards. Of course, we ladies will need to retire to a nearby pub afterwards to discuss what we've learnt. ;) So, if you are based within travelling distance of Glasgow and would like to attend, please email me and I will email you back with some information as soon as the date is finalised.

It's study and relaxation for me for the next couple of days and then I'm back on the road on Wednesday when I'll be in my usual boudoir in Glasgow. On Thursday and Friday I'll be in Dundee with that lunatic from up north, Amanda. I was thinking about her today when I was shopping and picked up a DVD for us to watch, "Thelma and Louise".


LL xx

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  1. I can only commiserate with how tiresome it must be. There comes a point when you are banging your head against the wall that you think' ouch!! this really hurts and it doesn't seem to be making any difference to the wall!"

    I can only say 'hang on in there' I think you are doing yourself a dis-service by suggesting you arguments aren't as well reasoned or eloquent as those posted by others. You have the knack of making what you say both 'real' and relevant a rare gift indeed.

    While it may seem as if you are not making a difference, there are a lot of people who lurk in cyberspace. Many don't reveal themselves during debates but just sit in the background listening and thinking. It is not the vocal minority that is important, usually their views are already too fixed, it is the silent majority.

    I'm sure your open, honest and rational contributions are doing much more to influence people than the more extreme views posted by others.

    Hope you have a good couple of days chilling and then feel refreshed enough to return to the fray :-)


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