Sunday, 15 November 2009

Tears and Tantrums

Good evening and firstly let me say I'm sorry I have been out of circulation for a couple of days, but I was busy having my annual meltdown. Sometimes we all need a bit of space and to be around those we know we can trust with our lives.

When I'm not on a rant against politicians, I come across as a very fun loving and bouncy person and 99% of the time that's exactly who I am. However, I am only human and sometimes I just get to a point where enough is enough. The latter part of this week was one of those occasions I'm afraid. I'm laughing now, but quite honestly the last tour of Aberdeen Amanda and I did was less "Thelma and Louise" and more "Baise Moi." It's funny how when you're already stressed, the littlest things can seem so enormous and when you consider that I am the world's greatest drama queen it was bound to explode at some point. So explode it did, in spectacular fashion. I had a tantrum of epic proportions and cried myself silly. Amanda was her usual rock and with copious hugs and the passing of tissues I soon calmed down. From experience I knew what I had to do, so it was into the car and off to my old home town to spend the weekend with G, my good friend and confidante.

Not to put too fine a point on it, G is quite mad. Come the weekend, her flat is party central and it's anyone's guess at how many people are likely to be in the kitchen, or asleep in the bath. She says it herself, it's like "Shameless" in Scotland. We had it all, the allegations of infidelity, screaming matches, tears, tiaras and tantrums. You know what ? It was the best fun I've had with my clothes on. It was like being in a parallel universe, her new rabbit called "The Dog" was bouncing about the house all weekend when he wasn't eating cheese on toast in the kitchen.

On the way back from the pub, we established we were a member down and it emerged that 'D' had wandered into the police station for a "blether". Apparently it's a regular occurrence, most people go out of their way to avoid the police station but there we are. Mind you, 'D' did significantly better than 'F' who ended up in a gorse bush. I never, EVER want to smell spiced rum again and I am sipping blackcurrant at the moment in a very ginger fashion.

So it's back to business as usual for me, once again I'm sitting here in floods of tears but this time it's because I'm watching the X-factor about some of the seriously ill children in Great Ormond Street Hospital. I'll never complain about the state of my little treasure's bedroom again.

As a complete aside, if John and Edward are not voted off next week I am going to stage a one woman protest, nekkid.


LL xx

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