Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Sex Workers and Statistics

Now I've never been too good with statistics, but if I was to conduct a poll of the menfolk of London, how many should I sample to keep the results somewhat credible ? Well, according to Julie Bindel, 103 should do it. No, that wasn't a typo, 103. Out of those 103, Ms. Bindel spoke to 12, which she says was a fascinating experience. I'll bet it was a riot for the men too. As for the answers given, "nodding dog" syndrome comes to mind. After all, having been paid the princely sum of £20 and faced with a woman who has openly admitted to hating men, ( never mind the "punters" ) what would the "man of straw" do ? Agree with her and get the hell out of there I would say.

In case you missed it, the link to Ms. Bindel's latest literary masterpiece is here ;

From that article comes this little gem of a quote from Ms. Bindel ;

"I concluded from this that it's not feminists such as Andrea Dworkin and myself who are responsible for the idea that all men are potential rapists ? it's sometimes men themselves."

I'm glad I was sitting down when I read that because I nearly fell off my perch.
"ALL MEN ARE POTENTIAL RAPISTS." Words truly fail me. We could take that one step further and say "All women are potential murderers." What a load of nonsensical claptrap and I bet Ms Bindel squirmed with pleasure on hearing that sentence which she has been waiting for for years, especially since it came from the mouth of a mere male. Men (lest we forget) are little more than animals who will do anything and everything to satisfy their carnal lusts, according to Ms Bindel anyway.

From Dr Tuppy Owens in the comments after the article:

"It seems quite incredible to me that this "research" managed to find such negative responses to sex work - they must have gone down the most desperate alley ways of town. It's obviously just propaganda. I know many men who buy sex and have a life-changing experience in that they learn about women's bodies, about their own bodies, how to make love, they come away feeling warmed, loved, and satisfied. None have ever spoken about guilt. Admittedly, many of these men have social and physical disabilities (and they find escorts through my site www.tlc-trust.org.uk which is a free site for disabled men and women to find sex workers). Some are brought along by their fathers, PAs, care workers, friends."

Why do men use prostitutes ? Did it ever occur to Ms. Bindel that it's not always about penetrative sex ? It can be about warmth, sensuality, massage, relaxation, and an education on the pleasures to be derived from one's self ?

From the TLC website :

"It would be a sad injustice if service personnel such as soldiers badly wounded and disfigured in Iraq and Afghanistan were banned from the help they can receive from sex workers."

I absolutely agree. I submit that these men have a right to have the same sexual experiences as able bodied men.

Further down the article, one of the men Ms Bindel chatted to had this to say ;

"Look, men pay for women because he can have whatever and whoever he wants. Lots of men go to prostitutes so they can do things to them that real women would not put up with."

That is by far and away one of the most offensive quotes I have read. So we are so weak willed and controlled by pimps that we simply allow the men to do to us as they will ? I don't think so. As the law stands it is not illegal to work as a prostitute, this leaves a door open for sex workers to report any untoward behaviour to the police as many have. It also allows us to share the information amongst ourselves and keep one and other safe.

Just where on earth did she find these men, "Neanderthals R Us" ? Has anyone told them Asda are running a special on two mammoths for the price of one ?

I am a real woman. I am a mother, I am a lover, I am a degree student, I am an escort. I know why men pay for sex and it is for many different reasons, but it is most certainly not because otherwise the potential for rape may raise it's ugly head.

On that note I'm off to find an inanimate object to kick repeatedly before going face down into a box of Thornton's chocolates.

LL xx


  1. I hope the Thornton's chocolates have given you their written consent first or it could be rape, or at least sexual assault

  2. I did a sample poll of 50 of them, four of the yucky coffee ones that no-one likes objected, so that's good enough for me. ;)


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