Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Politicians and Psychos

Good evening and greetings from home where I am curled up with boy cat and thoroughly enjoying a cool glass of wine. In case you missed it, I was in the Scottish Herald last Sunday, they picked up on a quote of mine in the submission I did to the Scottish Parliament ;


Overall I think it was a good article and well written. Well done to Tom Gordon for some impartial and fair reporting. It makes a refreshing change to the lowlife scum who "out" ladies by publishing their real names and details. I also thought that Amy came across brilliantly as a very intelligent and well informed woman. Good on her.

Today I was doing incalls at my place in Glasgow and it was very busy with some guys who had pre-booked and others calling for last minute availability. There was one particular client who had pre-booked who I was feeling a little bit nervous about, because he wanted to be dominant. Now, I enjoy being submissive and I don't get to do it very often, but there needs to be huge amounts of trust on both sides. Obviously on a first meeting I'm not going to allow anyone to tie me up, that would only happen over time and when I feel comfortable with it. I needn't have worried, the guy was a perfect gent and I really enjoyed our role play and the session afterwards.

I wish the same could be said of the next client.

He called to arrange a brief meeting this afternoon and had a tremendously difficult time finding my apartment. It's really not that difficult, it's just off Argyll Street,right smack bang in the centre of Glasgow. Once inside the building he called again, now irate.

"Where's the bloody apartment, I can't find it."

"I did send you a text about 20 mins ago with the full address."

Nevertheless, I calmly explained to him where to go and eventually he got to me. When he got to the door he was visibly agitated and jittery. To cut a very long story very short, the guy was unable to get or at least maintain an erection, so he decided the way out of this was to remove the condom when I wasn't looking and try and cram his flaccid penis inside. I spotted what he was at and spun around.

"What the hell do you think you're doing ?"

He pushed me down and tried to do it again. I am a tall strong lassie so pushed him off and told him if he tried it again I would scream the apartment block down. He glared at me and said,

"I think I should go, you're obviously going to tell all your escort friends not to go near me because of what I've done."

At that moment I caught a look in his eye and it was a dark rage, and a deep contempt for me, whether it was because I am a woman or whether it was because of my job I'll never know. I knew what I had to do. I smiled sweetly and said;

"Don't be silly, I wouldn't dream of it. I understand completely that you got lost in the moment."

That seemed to appease him temporarily until I excused myself to go the kitchen, I wanted to text my buddy and see if she was nearby.

"Are you going to the kitchen to get something for me ? Just because I took the condom off ?"

Ok, he was obviously far more disturbed than I thought.

"Not at all darling, I was just getting a drink of water."

It has been many, many years since I felt truly frightened whilst doing my job, but when I returned to the room his face had blackened again and I admit now, I was very afraid. There was a palpable tension between us and I really thought that at any moment he was going to lurch forwards.

Someone on high must have been looking out for me because at that moment my next appointment pressed the buzzer, having arrived early for his appointment. So in the end he snarled, threw the money at me and made for the door. I made sure to let him go ahead and not to let him behind me at any point and then finally, he was gone. ( For those who want to criticise because I didn't have the money beforehand, I often say to my clients, you can choose to leave without paying afterwards if you don't mind a 5 foot 9 woman in PVC chasing you down Argyll Street. Besides, in this case it was the least of my worries.)

So I drove home with an immense sense of relief that today was over.

When I got home I checked my emails and there was an email from Catherine from the IUSW, to thank me for agreeing to come onboard as an activist and to advise of our current plans for lobbying.

So tomorrow is another day. It's back to squaring up to the anti-prostitution brigade. It is my fervent hope that I never have to square up to another man like I did today.


LL xx

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