Friday, 21 May 2010

Notions and Nutters

Greetings one and all, I've arrived home from Newcastle and am trying to get organised in my hectic world. I frequently have grandiose notions but when it comes to reality it's a different matter. Last week I decided I was going to have a mini office in my house, with a desk and a leatherette swing chair. It was to be my space, for studying mainly but also an oasis away from my children, ( two furry and one actual ). I went online and ordered both items and they arrived. Oh joy, they are flat packed. So the next couple of days will be filled with left over nuts and screws with moi growling along the way. As far as I'm concerned if boy cat and girl cat can fight on the desk without it collapsing it will be a resounding success, so wish me luck on that.

Grandiose notion number 2 : webcamming. Whilst I was in Newcastle Juicy Jo and I spent the best part of 2 hours trying to get a webcam installed on my PC which has so far not gone very well at all - it's not transmitting a picture to the PC. It's at times like this I'm reminded of the quip used by IT support geeks - "the problem is usually between the screen and the chair". Not to be dissuaded, this afternoon I am off to a geek store to see if I can find a suitable replacement. I am a woman on a mission and if it kills me I will be camming from my new office by Monday.

Well, I think it's fair to say that there was no webcam action required by the truckers who were utilising the M6 yesterday. Susan decided to treat them to a quick flash of her assets as we raced past them in the fast lane. I almost crashed the car from laughing, the look on their faces was just priceless. The text I got from Amanda this morning tickled me too - " Walk of shame today. I have to go to M & S to buy a pressie and my hair looks like a burst mattress thanks to a night of playing in the shower and bath, hehheh xxx "

I am very lucky to know and love some of the nuttiest women in this industry.

Right, I'm off to commence battle with my Philips screwdriver.

LL xx


  1. "the problem is usually between the screen and the chair" .... I like that !

    I've also heard it described as a "user fault" :)

  2. It'a PICNIC error.

    Problem in chair, not in computer ;)

    I had a lovely walk around the Eastgate centre. All dressed up with an "interesting" hairdo. Maybe I started a new fashion? Only time will tell.

    I reckon you should buy a people carrier. The me and Susan can sit down the back with our boobs pressed against the glass whilst you ferry us around the country.
    Why a people carrier?

    A. All our luggage would fit.
    B. You couldn't reach to slap us and make us behave :)

    Wuv oo xxx

  3. Well, as I said at the time - I love to make people happy and I hope I succeeded, lol. Mind you - I think we could have slowed down to let some of the lorry drivers catch us up for a second look, lol x


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