Monday, 7 March 2011

Arts and Tarts

Afternoon all, I'm not long back from a weekend hob-knobbing around the Yorkshire dales where I found the most wonderful shop title, hence the sign above. I came back relaxed, smiling and happy, ( as was my gentleman companion ).

Tour de Ayrshire came to an abrupt halt this week when my bicycle and I parted company rather suddenly and I landed in an undignified heap in the park, much to the amusement of some neds and their pitbull. I have since decided to stick to power walking and the gym, since overall they would seem to have less of a detrimental effect to my health, which is kinda contrary to the whole point of it all. *sigh*

Good news fellas !! Ellie Lloyd is on tour in Glasgow this week. Catch her while you can, she is a very popular lady, and with good reason. Here is a link to her site :

Meanwhile, I have been busy updating my availability diary which is now done until the end of April. On Wednesday I'm off to Newcastle to tour for three days which I'm looking forward to as always - Howay, I love my Geordie men. :)

Saturday morning I need to get up at silly o'clock and head back to sunny Glasgae because I am booked overnight and am being treated to the Arts and dinner. ( Memo to self - pack best dress and preferably iron it the night before ). It will be fun to wake Susan at that hour, she growls like a pre-menstrual lioness but she loves me really.

Finally on Sunday I have an evening engagement with a new gent, so I will be on my best behaviour, ( sort of ). If you take a peak at my availability diary you might notice I am touring very little in April, that's because I have two longer engagements in my diary, one for six days and one for a week so to tour in the middle of all that would just be too much. Also, I am moving house, ARRRGHHH !! The thoughts of it alone are enough to induce a cold sweat, black sacks and boxes with cats hiding therein, it's an additional stress I can do without.

So for today, I'm doing the guilt thing. This is what happens when you try and sub-divide yourself by eight.

1. Tonight I have promised my little princess a girl's night in, I have an outcall but it's only for an hour, so after that we are going to make the world's largest bowl of popcorn and I am jumping into her bed for the night for the "treat" that is "Glee" and other even cornier cheerleading movies.

2. Having done this blog I am off to the supermarket to get some fresh cod for my moggies because unfortunately as soon as boy cat spots my suitcase in the hall he does his best impression of a draught excluder at the front door and when that doesn't work, howls like a baby.

3. Finally I suppose I should email my Uni tutor and apologise for the late entry of my assignment, ( again ).

Still - as I say to some of my older gentleman callers, better late than never. ;)

LL xx

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