Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Bikes and Belle

I'm going for a nice ride today. :D

( No, not that kind, wash your minds out. ) As part of my ongoing quest to shed weight in time for the end of March measurements I have a shiny new bicycle. Today for the first time in 25 years I am going biking. I'm going to make a start in the local park whilst the children are at school so there's no-one around to laugh aside from Edna and Eunice walking their West Highland Terriers and as a dominatrix I have practiced a glare for them that would stop a clock.

As an aside I am really enjoying the new series of "Secret Diary of a Call Girl". Last week's episode featuring the adult baby had me crying with laughter. In truth in all my time as an escort I can say I've met a maximum of three adult babies and only one of them was in the FULL regalia of nappy, bonnet and bib. Role play is surely one of the best parts of what I do, and the most fun. Sometimes guys have a rough idea of what they'd like to achieve, other times they hand me a script, quite literally.

One such client has very kindly given me his permission to publish his script which Amanda and I did in Inverness recently - ( it's cut and paste so don't blame me for change in tenses etc. ) -

You and Amanda (my fellow flatmates) are trying to get to sleep when I arrive home late with some mates. After a couple of hours of beer and music my mates finally make there way home leaving me surrounded by empty beer bottles, a half eaten pizza and crisps on the floor.
I feel a bit tipsy and decide to leave the mess until the next day.

The next morning your not at your best due to a disturbed sleep and when you see the state of the living room you come into my room "If you haven`t "tidied up when Amanda and I get back you will be sorry" you say sternly, I turn over and mumble " Yea OK"
I did not feel like getting up and decided to lie in bed a bit longer. It was only when I heard you and Amanda return that I realised I had spent all morning in bed.
I knew I was in trouble now as I heard you march towards my room. "What do you think you are doing still in bed, I told you to to have this place tidied before we got back now get up and clean this place right now."
" Why don`t you and Amanda make a start and I`ll get up in a bit" I replied in a offhand manner.
"You insolent lazy young man we will make a start don`t you worry but not clearing up your mess, we are going to make a start on spanking your bottom."and with that you whisked the covers of me and tucked at my pyjama bottoms.
I resisted saying "No Laura" but you easily slid my pyjama bottoms down over my hips.
"Get over my knee now" you commanded as you sat on the bed
I thought about refusing but I knew you could overpower me so I lay across your knee apprehensively fully aware that my bare bottom was in full view.
SMACK, SMACK, rang the sound in my ears every time your hand landed on my bottom.
My bottom stung with every slap "OUCH, OUCH STOP", I protested but you continued spanking.
Then the door swung open "Good for you Laura thats exactly what he deserves"
I looked up to see Amanda with a big smile on her face " Oh don`t let me stop you Laura I am so going to enjoy watching until its my turn".
Then my spanking recommenced the slaps coming harder and faster SMACK, SMACK, SMACK. I squirmed and reared but I was held firmly OW, OW OUCH".
"You are a inconsiderate and lazy flatmate" you scolded as you spanked.
"My goodness that bottom is getting quite red now" Amanda remarked I could sense she was eager for her turn but you continued spanking me for some time before eventually stopping.

"Now Amanda I`ve warmed this bottom up nicely for you would like to take a turn?" " Oh yes please" was the reply as I stood up and rubbed my bottom.
You got up and now Amanda was sitting on the bed "Now its my turn" said Amanda as she patted her knees and told me to bend over
I bent over Amanda`s knees thinking that at least she wouldn `t spank so hard.
"Keeping me awake last night, lying in bed all morning and not cleaning up your mess thats just not on" said Amanda as she settled into a slow rythm of firm but not hard smacks.
"But I was just going to get up and start cleaning up" I protested.
"Don`t listen to him Amanda do you know he even had the cheek to suggest that we start cleaning as he wasn`t ready to get up."
"Oh he did did he, well we will just have to teach him a lesson Laura and with that Amanda starting spanking vigorously.
"Ow, Ow, Ouch" I cried out as the stinging slaps reigned down on my burning bottom.

I struggled in vain across Amanda`s knee as I watched you leave the room thinking at least Laura is satisfied only to be dismayed to see you return with a spanking paddle.
"Here Amanda try this" you said as you handed Amanda the paddle.
There was a pause in my punishment as I waited in anticipation for the paddle to land. Slap, the first blow made me gasp then Slap, Slap the paddling began each smack making me jerk "OUCH, Oww, Stop" I cried.
Amanda continued to paddle me until I stopped struggling "there maybe that will teach you" she said as she handed you the paddle.

I got up and started to pull up my pyjama bottoms only to hear you say "I`m not finished with you yet, bend over the end of the bed"
"But Laura I`m sorry" I said as I slowly bent over the bed.
"You will be when I`m finished" you replied as you smacked my bare bottom with the paddle hard. I tried to protect my bottom with my hand only to find my hand pinned down on my back as the paddle repeatedly smacked my reddened cheeks .SMACK, SMACK "Oh no ouch" SMACK "Stop" SMACK. " Alternating between the paddle and your hand you continued to spank for some time untill I said "I`m sorry I `ll be a better flatmate".
"Good thats exactly what Amanda and I want from you" you said as you put down the paddle.

"I think Iain has learned his lesson now Amanda don`t you " I heard you say as the spanking eventually stopped.
"I should think so thats a very red bottom" was the reply
"OK Iain up you get and remember that bad behaviour in this flat will always result in a good spanking, that applys to all of us of course" you said as you smiled at Amanda.
"Yes thats only fair" Amanda replied sheepishly
As I gingerly pulled up my pyjama bottoms over my scarlet bottom I wondered if the opportunity to spank Amanda or Laura would ever arise. One thing I was sure about however, there would be many spankings to come and that I would be on the recieving end of most of them.

Honest to Gawd, it was like an Eastenders script, the craic we had doing it was immense and my client went home delighted with himself with a very red bottom.

The "true" life of an escort, how I love thee.

Right, I'm off to polish my helmet. ( Stoppit !! )Wish me luck, I really don't fancy spending the evening in A & E.

LL xx

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