Thursday, 2 June 2011

Training and Traffickers

Yesterday didn't exactly get off to a flying start, to be honest. I did the blind stumble from the shower cubicle and after a visit to the adjacent facilities, decided to ensure I was still as fresh as a daisy by reaching back for my feminine cleansing wipes. Unfortunately though, I put my hand on my "Domestos" bathroom wipes, so although I'm quite sure I had the most sterile lady bits in Britain, the result was my hopping about the bathroom squealing in pain.

Nevertheless I made it to my apartment for my first booking at 10.15am, ( do not adjust your screens, I have witnesses ) and he brought me a lovely box of M & S chocs, most of which I scoffed unceremoniously last night. It's a good job this running malarkey hasn't worn thin yet or I would be back to "The Michelin Man" in no time.

The Race for Life is this Sunday and I'm looking forward to it immensely, although the little light of my life has absolutely insisted on joining me. I tried to fob her off and tell her that it is for over 16's only, but she checked the website and discovered children can take part if with a supervising adult. Great. I just hope she doesn't pull her usual stunt which will involve a piggy back and a very tired and cross Momma. Our joint training has been going well though, so we'll see how it goes.

In other news ; I see The Met in London have launched a freephone number to encourage people to report trafficking -

"The Metropolitan Police Service wants people who have been brought to the UK and forced to work for little or no wages to report the crimes.

The number is featured in a poster campaign produced for the force and the charity Stop The Traffik.

The force's SCD9 unit, which fights human exploitation, has secured 12 convictions in 12 months and a further 20 people are awaiting trial.

Det Ch Supt Richard Martin, head of SCD9, said: "I hope that this poster and the freephone number it shows will encourage and enable victims who are suffering at the hands of traffickers to get in touch with us.

"Since SCD9 was formed in April last year, we have been working to raise awareness and understanding of all aspects of human trafficking, including trafficking for sexual exploitation and trafficking in the context of domestic servitude and forced labour."

Hmmmm, if it's to help people who are in dire need of rescue from slavery and have very little command of the English language then shouldn't it be in multiple languages ? Whilst I'm all for any move which will hit the REAL traffickers, I'm not sure how successful this endeavour will be. In England the offence of "punting" with a trafficked girl is one of strict liability, so it's not sufficient to say that one was not aware of the girl's circumstances.

So, for a measure like this to work there needs to be guaranteed anonymity, rather like crime stoppers or even better, total decriminalisation of sex work so that clients can feel confident in coming forward to report untoward experiences.

LL xx

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