Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Juxtapositions and Justice

Good evening and greetings from LL towers where I have just landed after a long day at my incall pad in Glasgow. I took some time out today to have a long think about my chaotic life and have reached a decision. I am cutting down on my touring schedule for several reasons.

- I need to spend more time at home with La Princess.

- I need to devote more time to Uni work.

- I want to devote more time to my role as an activist.

- I want to hit the gym with a vengence and get back to a size 12.

So, I will no longer be visiting Aberdeen on a monthly basis. Amanda and I today agreed that we will still visit Inverness for two days a month, because we both love it, all of it, our regular clients, the laughs we have and our wee treat of a nice steak at the end of a day's work. I will also visit Dundee for two days a month because I have built up a group of lovely regular guys there too and always look forward to my visits there.

After that, who knows ? I have a couple of good friends in Newcastle and may tour there from time to time, I'm always open to new ideas. Just so you know, on my adultwork profile I keep a diary of where I'll be from day to day and you can access it using the link on the front page of my site where it says ;

"Glasgow incalls now available. Please click here to check my availability diary".

Aside from that, it's looking very good on the quoshing of the proposed amendments by Trish Godman. The Justice Committee seemed largely unconvinced by the proposals before them and it was very encouraging that the police were not supportive of the proposed changes too. They felt that prostitution is never going to simply "go away" and seemed happy with the powers they have at present. Let's hope that the voice of reason is heard. Fingers, legs and everything else crossed.


LL xx


  1. Hey Laura. Just wanted to say thanks for caring enough to be an activist. There are few who would put the effort in, but we'll all benefit ! Just hope you're appreciated DB x


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