Tuesday, 27 April 2010

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I'm visiting York ! Yes indeedy I have finalised details and will be there on the 27th and 28th of May. I'm really looking forward to pastures new, not least because I am joining forces with Ellie Lloyd. There's a link to her site here -


She's a curvy lady like myself but with one ( well, two ) notable differences. She has a most impressive erm .. pair, in fact they're 36KK - ferking hell !! We were chatting last night and were happy to notice a pool near where we'll be based because we both enjoy some relaxation too. Suffice to say I don't think Ellie will need any floatation devices. Jealous, moi ? Nope, I just can't wait to get acquainted. *evil cackle* This profession is perfect for a natural born pervert like me.

Moving on before I become more flushed and need some "private time", this article appeared in The Scottish Herald on April the 22nd, written by Anne Johnstone.

The link is here :


*rubs hands together*

Apparently, my job may involve "being photographed or being gagged and bound". Really ? Nice to see that she's done thorough research into the subject. Anyone who's ever met me will find the notion of gagging hilarious.

Unfortunately, Ms. Johnstone has made a fatal error in her argument, she is calling for the banning of the sex industry on the basis of one sector of that industry. She is focusing on the trafficked women and/or drug addled street workers. She says -

"Five Daughters shows how these once pretty, lovable girls drifted into drug addiction and selling themselves for sex.

Demand dictates supply. Most punters may not be murderers or rapists but if men did not treat sex with prostitutes as a harmless recreational activity, those five daughters might be alive today."

Sorry, but I disagree. Five daughters shows how women who were working on the street were left wide open, like sitting ducks to be killed off one by one by a psychopath. Had those women been allowed to work in licensed brothels with adequate care and protection and closer links to drug treatment, THOSE MURDERS WOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED.

For me, the saddest part of that was the story of Paula, who was so full of hope because she had made a commitment to enter into a drug treatment program but missed her appointment because she had been murdered. The police begged the girls concerned not to work until the murderer had been caught and their reply was " I have to work, I need the money".

The solution then, SURELY, should have been to get them off the street and indoors into an environment where they could watch and protect each other. To say " ban it and the problem goes away" is almost amusing in it's simplistic view.

The article goes on to say -

"Those who complain criminalisation will “drive prostitution underground” ignore the fact that it’s there already, mired in the drugs trade and organised crime. If punters can find prostitutes, so can police officers and social workers."

Ms. Johnstone has just scored a spectacular own goal. Yes, there is an element of underground activity attached to "crimelords" or whatever the nom du jour is. So how does one obtain information about the whereabouts of these "underground" women ? It's very simple, just stroll into your local friendly newsagent and purchase a copy of a redtop newspaper which contains all the contact numbers for "working flats" in a given area.

Hang on, wasn't Ms Johnstone roundly supporting Trish Godman who wanted to ban all advertising ? Wouldn't that make it more difficult to reach these women ?

Finally she concludes with this -

"Since devolution, Scots have shown they can be bold politically. Why don’t we become the first part of the UK to outlaw the selling of sex and admit that prostitution entrenches gender inequality and objectifies women?"

Scots have certainly shown that we can be bold politically. Why don't we become the first part of the UK to legalise the selling of sex and admit that prostitution exists on many different levels and is never going to disappear on foot of some badly thought out, umbrella style pieces of legislation ?

This State is hypocritical in it's aims, for women like me who are stored on databases as "known prostitutes", meaning any job we apply for in certain sectors will be declined on the basis of a "disclosure Scotland" check. They would like us to cease from selling sex but make it impossible to do so. More importantly, this State has blood on it's hands for the women they let work the streets, night after night, whilst being murdered, because it is illegal for them to work together and protect each other.

LL xx


  1. If Ms. Johnstone reference, refers to you enjoying bounding and gagging a client, then I think it describes part of you job quite accurately.

  2. The idea that "if prostitution were illegal" then "those 5 daughters might still be alive" betrays such complete idiocy that one wonders whether that journalist even believes her own BS.

    One thing that baffles me about the prostitution abolitionists is the following: they claim that making sex work illegal saves lives...well, I happen to be well-acquainted with a 300 million person "laboratory experiment" called the United States, where prostitution is ILLEGAL and the rate of violence against sex workers is far HIGHER than it is in the UK...has no one ever bothered to look up these figures? The FBI has them on their bloody website...the USA has TRIED the abolitionist approach to sex work and provided real world PROOF that it creates more danger for sex workers, not less...what the hell is the matter with these journalists and rad-fems that they don't seem to be able to "get" this.


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