Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Carlisle and Campaigning

Evening all and greetings from my hotel room in Carlisle, which is so hot I'm sure a tropical bird flew out of the bathroom a few moments ago, although maybe I should just cut back on the sugar. The modern fangled technology of air conditioning has obviously not found it's way to this area yet, neither it would seem has the concept of a plug in fan. Never mind, I think I have lost several pounds in weight today, just purely through sweating. For those who complain about escort blogs which contain graphic sexual imagery, there's your antithesis.

It was my first time to visit Carlisle and it certainly won't be the last. Ventilation problems aside, it's been fantastic on many levels. Susan and I took some time out to stroll around the town and get some quality retail therapy in, before scooting back to our respective rooms for some quality trysts. One complaint, ( which in the grand scheme of things is rather minor ) is that I wish Cumbrian men could form a distinction between moi and sheep. Now I'll grant you that I have a head a curls which in the dimmest of lights and after enough pints could possibly be mistaken, but as much as I need to "switch off" after a day's work, the menfolk of Cumbria need to learn to "switch off" after a day's sheep shearing. There really is no need to throw me onto my back and hold my legs like back paws. The whole point of paying me is that I will concede, the headlock is overkill.

Anyway, Claire Finch appeared on "This Morning" the other day and I've included a link for you here ;

Personally I think she came across as a warm, sensitive, sensible and caring lady who has obviously got a very honest relationship with her daughter. I'm not sure I would have mentioned the man who liked to sing naked in the garden though, nor would have I asked Philip Schofield if he's ever had a "happy ending". ( The look on his face was priceless ). It might just be me, but I detected a note of condescension from Holly Willoughby - " I mean it's not something I would ever have in my life." No, obviously not, because it's beneath you, isn't it ? Grrrr.

Aside from that I felt Claire put forward a very convincing case for the law to be changed to allow two women to work together in safety in a flat, and she quite rightly mentioned all of her neighbours who supported her in court. She is now campaigning with the ECP and I really hope their lobbying is heard and action taken. Good luck to them.

Ok on that note I'm off to have cool shower #14.


LL xx

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