Friday, 16 July 2010

Teeth and Tyranny

In the wonderful relationship between escort and client, teeth have no place, with a special mention to a glass on a bedside cabinet. NONE.

I think the best way to tackle this is by body part, so here goes ;

1. Necks.

When an escort says ( or even implies ) in her profile that she likes her neck to be nibbled, I think you'll find what she means is a delicate play around her nape and possibly throat, mainly with your lips and tongue, and perhaps with the occasional playful nip. What she does not mean is for you to sink your incisors into her larynx so as to cause a high pitched squeal and long term bruising. Seriously, "love bites" went out with "Love Cats", circa 1983.

2. Nipples.

It may surprise you to learn that nipples, ( far from being designed for your pleasure ) were actually invented to feed infants, who don't have teeth. I don't think there's any further discussion needed here.

3. Buttocks.

Now we come to the reason for this blog post. Why go to the bother of laying her on her stomach, gently nibbling her neck,massaging her lady bits until she's frothing at the mouth, then masterfully lifting her to her knees for the grande finale, just prior to sinking your teeth into her buttock ? If your desired end result is your lady friend shooting down the bed howling, go right ahead. ( A sharp smack to the puss might apply at this point too. ) If however, a mutual sighting of stars is required, I probably wouldn't.

4. Labia

If you've come this far, having successfully launched your teeth into a lady's labia, stop reading and go to the light.


LL xx


  1. Lol!

    While your humor is undeniable, I myself rather *like* nipple biting, and neck nibbling, maybe a little nip or two on the butt... I agree with you though, I obviously can't carry home any marks! Am I supposed to wear a scarf or a sweater in August to cover up hickies or any of that ridiculousness.

    Worst of all, I actually spotted *rope marks* when I was editing my last set of photos today... Serves me right for getting to carried away with the kink. That's why I usually stay on the other side of the rope!

  2. Rope marks, eeek !! I have some finger marks on my underarm at the mo from an over enthusiastic suitor and I thought that was bad enough. xx


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