Monday, 17 August 2009

Feather boas, Fantasies and Farewells

First and foremost, a huge thank you for all the positive feedback I've had on my blog, from my clients, escort pals and civilian, normal members of society. ;) It's fun to write and for me, this occupation can sometimes really make you laugh or cry, personally I choose laughing like a deranged donkey every time.

I'm just coming back down to Mother Earth after one heck of a week. Tuesday morning I was up and on the road early to Aberdeen where I worked until Friday. Early next morning, I drove home and had two hours to gather my senses and rifle through my suitcase before heading off to see my slave bitch for an overnight. We had a tremendous night, I dressed him up in a feather boa and red g-string with matching red lipstick and had him parade up and down our "catwalk" in the front room. Kate Moss has nothing to worry about for the moment. It's his fantasy to be dominated, but as much as he enjoys the domination it's humiliation that he really enjoys so I'm already cooking up some ideas for our next appointment.

I have a couple of fantasies of my own and my biggest fear has always been that if I ever fulfilled them they wouldn't live up to my expectations and would be a disappointment. One of the fantasies I had was to have an orgy with just me and lots of men. I say "had" because fantabulously, I fulfilled that one in Amsterdam. I had an accidental gangbang. Honest. Now I know you're thinking "Errr, what ?" so I'll explain.

Mr M organised a lovely birthday treat for me last year and bought two tickets for Amsterdam for us both to go and indulge our delicious deviances. As he had never been to the red light area before, I showed him around and we did all the usual tourist things such as the sex shows and the ladies in the windows. ( 50 Euros for him to play and 50 Euros for me to watch, cheeky cow, I must review my pricing. ) Anyway, we were in our hotel room on the evening of night number two and toying with the idea of having a lady to come and visit us for some fun when we found a link for "The Paradise Club". It's a swingers bar/club and came highly recommended. So we jumped into a taxi and arrived at a location which I must say doesn't give much away from the exterior.

The interior, on the other hand was lovely. It looked for all intents and purposes like a standard nightclub except that everyone was walking around either naked or in their underwear. We went for a stroll around and found a swimming pool, a jacuzzi, showers, lockers and the main bar area. It was so relaxed and laid back. We really didn't know how the ethos of the club worked, like how you would approach a couple you liked the look of etc. Do you buy them a drink or give them a wink ?!? Several glasses of wine down at this stage, we gave up on trying to work it all out and wandered off into one of the side rooms for some fun of our own. It was fantastic and there were mirrors everywhere. I'm a visual creature and love to watch too so that suited me down to the ground.

Little did we realise that if you leave the door slightly ajar as we had, it is an invitation for other members to come and watch or join in. I thought it was a bit odd when I was busy beneath Mr M and looked up to see two guys at the end of the bed staring at us intently and licking their lips. After Mr M and I had finished, one of the men ( who had clearly prepared himself, ahem ) said "Would you mind Madam ?"
"Um, of course not".....

.......and so it went on until I finally shrieked at Mr M

"For f*%k's sake, CLOSE THE DOOR !!"

Every time I think about the permutations and combinations that we had that night I end up reaching for my rampant rabbit and if I think about it much more I'll go blind. It was one of my biggest fantasies and it was better than I had ever hoped, looking up at the mirror on the ceiling to see several bodies up to several different activities on me at once was just mind blowing. Mr M and I are already talking about going back in the autumn.

In truth I should probably fill you in on the real conclusion to that tale. After we called time on our impromptu group romp, we went back to the bar and ordered a last drink whilst I sat there grinning like a Cheshire cat. I left Mr M and went up to the very top of the house to what they call "The Dark Room". This room was pitch black, the idea being that it heightens your other senses and you trust your sense of touch more than anything else. It was empty at the time but not for long. A huge big man with a mop of blonde hair came up the stairs behind me faster than you can say "..but I was just looking ... " and in the space of six minutes approximately I arrived back down to the bar and sat beside Mr M like a startled bunny in bright headlights who has just sat on a pineapple.

"Where the very feck were you ?"

"Um, I was just looking around, you know."

I think I 'fessed up the next day at breakfast and we had a laugh about it, but at least next time when we go we'll know how it all works. When we leave the door open this time, it will be very much on purpose. ;)

Speaking of twigging onto things, you'll recall a little while ago I mentioned that Amanda and I have a habit of asking who's turn it is to get oral pleasure when we're doing duos ? We had a delicious duo with one of my off-shore guys in Aberdeen last week and I asked her the standard question. "Yours", came the reply. "Hot diggedy do" I thought, and assumed the position. It was only when she had started with gusto that I remembered. It was my turn on our last tour of Inverness, and now that I think of it it was my turn on our tour of Dundee before that too. The little trollop. We had words about it afterwards and her punishment is to keep it up for the foreseeable future.

Meanwhile, the women of Scotland are celebrating today as we waved farewell to our little angels who have returned to school on the end of our perfectly polished ankle boots, hurrah !! My own little treasure isn't speaking to me at the moment anyway, because I refused to allow her to wear her "Cheryl Cole" false eyelashes this morning. No child of mine is going to school like something from "Stig of the Dump", I don't care how trendy it is. So I'm enjoying the peace and I must be honest, I'm also enjoying my new title of "World's Most Embarrassing Mum". It was a hard fought title that involved singing in the car when her friends are with us, giving her a squidgy kiss on the cheek in the middle of Asda and finally lifting my feet and riding the back of our trolley down the aisle to the check-outs.

A woman's work is never done. ;)

LL xx

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