Sunday, 23 August 2009

Scoffing, swines and stockings

Ok, it's 10pm on Sunday night and I'm supposed to be studying. I'm not. I could also do with tackling the pile of ironing that could do with it's own post code. I can't be bothered. No, instead I'll faff about on the internet and have a glass of wine. Much more pleasurable. It was my best friend's birthday yesterday so some of my friends came over with mucho vino and we ordered a chinese and sat talking and laughing til the wee hours. This morning we piled into the car and went to Frankie and Bennys for a breakfast of epic proportions, my goodness, I knew it was an American Style diner and that they don't do "little" but my breakfast required a trough, not a plate. Still, waste not want not. ;)

Speaking of "want not" I thought I'd share with you my phonecall of the day.

"Hi there, I've been looking at your website and I like what I see. Can you just confirm you're in your early thirties ?"

"Yes indeed."

"And your dress size ?"

"I'm a size 14."

"Ah, that's a pity, I hadn't realised you're fat."

Damn him to hell, I was just tucking into some choccies my slave bitch had bought for me and very much enjoying them too, but the ensuing laughter made me incapable of sitting up straight, never mind eating. I'll be charitable and just call him a swine. It was almost as amusing as the gentleman who emailed me and asked if I'd be able for his 12 inch serpent of lust. Probably not, but I would find his vivid imagination much more of a turn-on in the bedroom.

Anyway, tomorrow I'm doing incalls in Glasgow for the day and I'm looking forward to it very much, I have some brilliant guys who come and see me regularly there and I've booked a lovely five star hotel for the night. I love the peace and quiet, I see my gentlemen and then run a hot, deep bath in a princess and cat free zone, all topped off with a long leisurely breakfast. As much as I love my family and pets, sometimes it's lovely just to stroll around my hotel room naked simply because I can.

I've changed my preferences for underwear recently. Today I went on an impromptu shopping trip and bought some new very sexy matching bras and pants. I used to always go for teddies and hold-ups, but lately and probably because I'm losing more weight, I am leaning more towards a nice matching lace bra and panties with a real suspender belt and seamed stockings. Apart from the fact it makes me feel very sexy, I have had enough disasters with hold-ups to put me off them for life. I used to wear them for one day and then throw them into the washing machine. ( Hand washing ? Pffft. ) That's all very well, but unfortunately it leads to a loss of their adhesive qualities with time which resulted recently in my tottering across the reception area of a very popular golfer's hotel with my knees closely clamped together. ( Irony, anyone ? ) One of the hold-ups had disengaged itself from the top of my thigh and begun rolling down my leg, so as bad as this sounds I ended up waddling across the foyer like Quasimodo. Oh, the glamour.

On that cheery note I'm off to bed.

LL xx


  1. Ah, but do you remember the 'Chinese Restaurant Suspender Debacle'?...

    Which reminds me, I need a new sussie belt...


  2. Yes, that was a hoot. NOT. :)


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