Friday, 2 October 2009

Harriet and Heavenly encounters ( not together mind )

A special thank you to Harriet Harman. No, honestly. Thanks to all the publicity she generated for Punternet yesterday my site traffic has doubled. When I think of the hours I have spent ensuring my listing is included in all the major directories on the internet it galls me to think that all I had to do was email Ms Harman a link to PN.

My phone was so busy today I seriously contemplated outsourcing the calls to a centre in India. My regular readers will know I abhor call centres with a passion, but there's method to my madness. See if I outsource the calls, then that reduces the overheads for my legitimately run business, thus creating a greater taxable revenue. HH will be glad of that, it will come in handy for her next "expenses" claim. Everyone's a winner.

I spent a bit of time today reading some of the comments left on The Times website and aside from finding some of them hysterically funny, I was enthused to find that the vast majority feel the woman is no more than an embarrassment to the Government at this point.

Let's face it, we have an economy on it's knees, soldiers being killed in Afghanistan because they are under equipped, anti-social behaviour and the crime rate out of control, and let's not forget MP's fiddling their expenses, and what is Harman's chosen soapbox at a critical labour conference ? Punternet, a legal website, offering legal services with a special mention to the prevention of trafficking. Excellent. I'm starting to wonder if the Tories are actually paying her, because every time she opens her mouth voters change allegiance.

On a lighter note, last night I had the outcall from heaven. He was a very nervous guy who had only met one escort previously. We had a brief drink and chat on the sofa before heading to the bedroom for two hours of unadulterated bliss. Sometimes when you "click" sexually, it can be so unexpected and that's what makes it delicious. I drove home with a massive smile on my face and thought for the millionth time that the old saying is very true, "Once you find a job you love, you never have to work again."

Edinburgh was fantastic today, I thoroughly enjoyed my visit with some old faces and some new and a young man who now fully understands what a seductive "MILF" means, hehe.

I'm off to Southampton tomorrow for the weekend for an industry social, to meet some of the people in this mad industry of ours that I care about very much, so I am thoroughly looking forward to it. ( All of this is of course dependant on whether Amanda and I get there in one piece after a seven hour road trip.)

Speak to you from there,

LL xx

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