Monday, 5 October 2009

Politicians and Press

Picture the scene, Amanda and I are on our road trip, hurtling down the M6 when I check my emails on my phone.

"Oh my ferking God, there's a reporter from The Independent looking to speak to me."

After Amanda had almost ploughed us both into the central reservation, we took time to think it through. He promised total anonymity, and to quote me directly. I thought about it long and hard and came to the conclusion, "Hell, why not ?" After all, I'd already been to a public meeting with Julie Bindel, how much more difficult could it be ?

Since then, on a number of forums and commentaries on press pieces, it has been alleged that the only reason myself and another couple of ladies spoke to the press was to advertise. As they say in France, I'm afraid that's complete "merde". To my mind, any advertising that was to be gleaned from the whole sorry affair has long since been done by HH herself, whether she intended to or not.

The reality is Harriet Harman and Julie Bindel are two very ill-informed bigots who relied on the fact that any escort would be too afraid to come forward. It's now been proven that that's quite simply untrue.

It is very much a case of lie down and let these idiots label us all drug addicted desperate women or speak up and be labelled a blatant advertiser. I know which I'd choose.

I will get down from my soapbox soon I promise, as soon as desperate, vote searching politicians cease blatant generalisations.



  1. Stay up on that soapbox, its the only way to put idiots like Harmon and her ilk in there place

  2. Hi Laura.

    Well done. Keep up the excellent work. Just make sure the journalist does not misrepresent what you have to say. At least its a paper so they can afford to give you space.

  3. I am hugely impressed that you are standing up to be counted. Please keep it up


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