Sunday, 30 December 2012

Faux feminism - part deux

What is WRONG with women ? I ask because I have not long returned from a break with my family in Ireland and having speed read the internet, I'm just perplexed at raw hatred.

In some respects, I'm a simple soul. At the core of my belief system is simply this - 'walk a mile in my shoes'. At a time when women so clearly need to bond together, what's with the divide and rule campaign ? As you know, I have never been a fan of faux feminism, I truly believe that if you purport to fight for the rights of women, then you purport to fight for the rights of all women, it's as simple as that.

So, a woman is gang raped in India and quite rightly, very many women jump up and proclaim the injustice of it. A woman is reunited with her daughter who was stolen from her many years ago, and the vast majority of us jump up and celebrate, except for those of us who believe that the man is master, and to overrule his say is to deny intrinsic faith.

One woman goes into the Scottish Parliament and says that sex between consenting adults where money happens to change hands is no longer okay, and what happens ? A mass roll over. Those women who read up on suffragettes and the right to vote, those women who campaign for the right to choose, those women who campaign for the right to equal pay under a glass ceiling - suddenly become silent. Why ?

Why is there a hierarchy of women's rights ? Why is it okay for women to write in the press of oppression through the media via their sexual choices, be they bi, tri, poly - but when the subject of the exchange of sex for cash comes up, absolute silence ? There is something very wrong there.

Thinking back to when I was outed in a small highland town and to you, those women who held a sneaking respect for the lifestyle I had at the time, isn't it time that you forgave your upbringing ? I did. Isn't it time that you acknowledged, that somewhere deep inside you there is a sneaking respect for a woman who is so confident in her own body and sexuality that she can go forth and use that gift to provide pleasure and healing to others?

What are you afraid of ? That you'll be judged ? Look around you, the queue is simply straining at the seams and with far more heinous crimes.

LL xx


  1. There's no getting away from it, people do some very strange things and can hold some rather odd, and sometimes contradictory, opinions. I was recently in conversation with a feminist ('conversation' is the polite word for what was going on!). She said that although Feminism is mainly focused on women's issues, the gender equality it seeks to achieve necessarily has to include men's liberation. Fine so far. Later on in the same conversation, she said that men should 'grow out of' wanting sex (at some undefined age from about mid-twenties onwards), and that ALL sex (at any age) between a man and a woman is an act of aggression by the man against the woman 'and should be stopped' (she did not explain how it should be stopped). Well, I suppose that's one way of solving the world's overpopulation problem (but it might create a few others)!

  2. An act of aggression ? Sheesh, she should step inside my boudoir if she wants to see some real aggression. Thanks for your comment and Happy New Year. xx


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