Monday, 11 May 2009

Champagne, bushes, hot tubs and Mr F

Last week I toured Inverness with my good friend Amanda, you'll hear a lot about her because we tour everywhere together. We are both responsible thirty somethings who behave like sniggering four year olds on tour.

Anyway I had a dinner date with one of my fave clients at The Mustard Seed which is a beautiful restaurant in the centre of town. My guy decided to order champagne, BIG MISTAKE. It went straight to my head and wearing killer heels and a very short cocktail dress, when we left the restaurant I walked straight out the door and into a bush. Eeeek !! Luckily for me my guy has a wicked sense of humour too, in fact it's probably fair to say that after we went back to my apartment he had the time of his life. All that aside I was really quite happy when he sent me one of his epic emails which contained the following :

"I do thank you so much for a lovely and memorable evening we had last Thursday in Inverness. I can only describe you as being stunning and gorgeous and a beauty to behold. As you said on your review of the evening, amazing company. I would like to pay you the same compliment. You are amazing company, you make me feel very special when I am with you, of which I would like to know how you do this and you certainly turned one or two heads. As we were being shown to our table in The Mustard Seed, with I walking behind you I noticed some of the dinners were taking second glances at you. I do not know if you remember there were a table of four, two young couples in the corner slightly to your right and behind you and I noticed on two occasions once when we had just been seated, one of the young gentlemen was certainly taking a great interest in you, much to the disapproval of his partner and I noticed on three occasions his partner giving him a couple of heft digs in his upper arm and informing him to behave. I could imagine that they would have had a lively conversation on their return home.

Emails like that make my day.

Whilst in Inverness Amanda and I also had the pleasure of the company of one of my regular guys for some threesome fun in a hot tub. For the rest of my life I don't think I'll forget the sight of Amanda perched on the side of the tub with me giving her oral pleasure whilst our client sat slack jawed in the tub. Afterwards he had a fixed smile on his face and said "You've just made three of my fantasies come true at once".

We were talking recently ( Amanda and I ) about how now we've hit our dirty thirties, we've really become sexually liberated or to put it another way, we're past giving a feck. It occurred to us afterwards that although the hot tub was positioned just outside our clients suite, it also backed up onto the kitchen door to the restaurant. Amanda remarked that anyone could have walked out of that door at any time, to which I think I replied " Yes, but that just adds to the thrill". Hell, the CCTV footage is probably on You-tube already.

So from Inverness I went to join a big gruff Yorkshire man in a log cabin beside Loch Ness for a week. Sounds like hell, doesn't it ? Not at all, he's been a client for quite a while now and has also become a good pal. Underneath that gruff exterior lies a big soft ted and a heart of gold. So, in spite of the fact that it rained non-stop for the week we had a brilliant time. It was very relaxed and laid back and we explored some new avenues and pushed some boundaries. ;)

On Friday the weather finally gave us a break for a couple of hours so we dived into the car and headed over to Aviemore for the day. It was idyllic. In the pockets of sunshine we strolled around the shops and had a pub lunch and also saw some deer and newborn lambs. He wined me, dined me and erm ..... even allowed, no INSISTED that I study for a couple of hours each day so I left him it has to be said feeling utterly relaxed and content, because I really enjoyed our time together and yet with a hint of sadness, because there is a good friend I won't be seeing again until July. Roll on July Mr F. :)

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