Sunday, 24 May 2009

Sub versus domme

Good evening. I've been a busy floozy since I blogged last and last night I had a particularly remarkable encounter. There was a time in my mid 20's when I was a highly regarded "Mistress" in my home country and I found myself specialising in hardcore domination. Through word of mouth and referrals I ended up with a lot of sub clients who saw me quite regularly and I very much enjoyed my role. As time went by and as I came back to escorting I moved into a more vanilla "MILF" role. I really thought I had left my domme ways behind me (aside from the odd light session here and there ) until last night.

I had a three hour session with a new client which can only be described as prolonged torture. I find the relationship between domme and client utterly fascinating and always have. It involves a great degree of mutual respect and trust. The reason this particular session tickled me so much is because down through the years I have experimented and enjoyed cock and ball torture, sensory deprivation, anal torture, hot and cold, etc. but I had never done breath control. My client had what is commonly referred to as a "gimp mask", but this was a mask with a difference. It had a tube through which he could breathe, which I could plug at any time if he wasn't obeying my commands. It was a very strange sensation indeed to control his breathing, to the point that if he didn't do as I asked, I would plug his ventilation tube until he really began to panic and wriggle. Subs being subs, he deliberately disobeyed me on several occasions to goad me into more severe punishment. I've attached some pics of my slave, and suffice to say I think he'll remember me for weeks to come, ie : everytime he sits down. LOL. I was a very strict mistress indeed and whipped his backside to a pulp, just prior to pouring hot candle wax on it. OUCH !!
I know there are men reading this who are quite literally crossing their legs now, but it's what I always say, horses for courses.

One of the secrets of being a good escort I think is to be a chameleon. By that I mean that you should be able to adapt to any situation and also be able to read the signals your client is giving you. A high class society lady to have as arm candy ? No problem. A strict mistress ? No problem. A submissive girl to look at you with pleading eyes ? No problem. A girlfriend to take to restaurants and kiss and hug you with whom you can have a pillow fight at 2am ? No problem.
It's all part of the delicious and utterly insane world we love to inhabit.

I'll let you into a little secret. Although I relish my role as a domme for work purposes and truly enjoy pushing the boundaries, in my private life I'm actually very sub. ;) I think I can relate it to some of the powerful men I see, because their days are so controlled, they feel a need to pass over the control in the bedroom. Hmmmm. Because I remain in control in a paid sex situation, is this the reason I love to be submissive privately ? Who knows. I can count on one hand the number of men I allow to dominate me, because as I've previously said, there has to be 100% trust. But my goodness, how wonderful it is when I realise I have another potential master.

On a lighter note, I should have said from the outset, I actually have two children, one actual and one furry. I have a moggy who's a big baby and misses me terribly when I'm on tour, to the point that he's started tearing up my mail and making his feelings known. So .... in two weeks I am expecting the latest addition to our family, a little kitten to keep him company. I can't wait !! She's jet black with green eyes and I'm really struggling for a name for her. If you can think of one please email me.

Yours with contended purrs,

Laura :)

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