Monday, 11 May 2009

Ok, so now that I've settled in ...

As you can see I've been blogging on Adultwork for a while now and I've managed to import my blog over here. ( Hurrah for me, as all things techie are not my speciality).

So let me introduce myself. I'm Laura, a full time mother, part time student and part time escort. ( and I wonder why I'm so stressed out all the time, LOL ). I live in North Ayrshire which for the most part is quite grey and dull but today the sun is splitting the stones. I started escorting at the tender age of 19 and have so far "retired" maybe four times over the years. There were various reasons for that, at one point I fell in love and went on to have my daughter who's now 8 and the centre of my world.

Coming back to escorting as I did in my early thirties was a real eye opener for me, as it's all done very much online now. In the good old days the poor clients just called a number in the back of a magazine and just hoped that the receptionist was telling the truth about the lady winging her way towards him in a taxi. Usually the descriptions given were grossly inflated ( or deflated if you catch my drift ) and there was no comeback for the guys, no field reports or way in which they could complain. What the new method of work has meant for me is that marketing is key. It's essential to be honest about one's age and also body size. I'm happy to say that I'm as busy now as I was as a size ten teenager, with hopefully with a lot more sense too.

As one of my best clients says to me regularly " Laura, doll, if I wanted to talk to an 18 year old about Lady Gaga all night, then that's what I'd book. I prefer a woman with experience both in life and in the bedroom. " Incidentally, if you had to ask yourself who Lady Gaga is whilst reading that, I guess my point is proved. Rather than just tittle tattle on about my daily life ( I mean if you really want to know what I'm planning on having for lunch you could just call .... ) I think I'd like to rewind a bit and take stock of all the adventures and laughs I've had over the years.

So please bear with me whilst I try to find some structure for my blog in between my endless calorie counting exercises and bouts of neuroticism.

Is neuroticism even a word ? Oh well, I guess it is now.


  1. Great to see you blogging Laura, have added you to my blog roll and look forward to popping in and catching up with you.


    Penny x x x

  2. I don't know about neuroticism, but when you look up "neurotic" on wiki. Your pic is front and centre. ;)

    About bloody time you got a proper blog btw.
    Link added. :)

  3. Hi Laura, glad you got a new home for your blog! love BT.


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