Friday, 22 May 2009

Penguins, Manners and Choccies

I have had a busy, busy, week. Yesterday I flew down to London to meet a world renowned expert on penguins. ( You couldn't make it up ). I stayed in the Mandarin Oriental hotel, just opposite Harvey Nics. I had a wonderful time, my guy couldn't stay overnight, so the booking was from 2pm until 8pm and after that the night was my own. It was divine, I sunk into a hot bubble bath and then lounged around our suite in a fluffy dressing gown and chilling out. I can highly recommend the hotel, it has spa facilities second to none and the staff can't do enough for you. I indulged myself in a "Pretty Woman" moment and bounced on the bed until I was completely out of breath, then I patted down my hair and ordered room service LOL.

As an aside to that, I am never going on the London underground again. I hate it with a passion. It's fine for a short hop if you just have a handbag, but if you're carrying luggage, forget it. Is it just me or has common decency become a thing of the past ? I flew into Gatwick and had to negotiate the train to Victoria, and thereafter two changes to get to Knightsbridge. I always travel with a huge suitcase, my bathroom box and laptop take up most of the room. On several occassions yesterday I was huffing and puffing hauling the case up flights of stairs at the tube stations, and worse, trying to swing it down stairs two steps at a time. Have we come to the point where men are afraid to offer to help in case they're met with a growling feminist ? Several burly business men pushed past me rather rudely and not one offer of help was forthcoming. How rude. I wouldn't mind, but on my journey back, I caught a cab straight to Victoria and it was £5. If only I'd known.

So I arrived home and chilled out for a couple of hours before jumping into the shower to prepare for tonight's outcall in Glasgow. There I met a lovely man who was quite pleasantly surprised. Apparently he's been reading my blog and was quite nervous about meeting me. Jeez guys, I don't bite, I'm house trained too you know. ;)

Anyway it was a mutual pleasure and I really enjoyed the choccies and wine, thank you. Have a great holiday Mr A and see you when you get back. :) Tomorrow is a day off for me, I'm taking the little princess on a "Girl's day out", which consists of extreme shopping followed by a girly lunch. Perfect. On Saturday night I'm meeting a new guy and it looks like it might be a very interesting tryst, I'm looking forward to it. :)

I've been thinking long and hard about how to combine my memoirs of the past with my day to day ramblings. I think the best way to do the past is in chapters, bit by bit. I warn you now in advance, it will read like an incredible tabloid article. That's because I once told my whole story to a good friend of mine (P) and he said " If you wrote that down, no-one would ever believe it".
Well, believe it, because I honestly feel my life experiences have made me the strong, assertive and contented woman I am today.

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