Friday, 5 June 2009

Aviemore, automobiles and anti-depressants

So last night myself and Amanda made our way to Aviemore and I finally introduced her to Mr M, a long standing client and friend of mine. What I forgot to mention was that he is one of the very few men I allow to dominate me and I don't think she'll ever forget the sight of me hog tied and trussed up, getting a good spanking. Mmmmm. Rather than just watch ( not her style anyway ) she joined in and I think everyone concerned had a ball.

When we finally fell asleep last night, it was so hot and I tossed and turned for most of the night, so this morning I was a little tired and grumpy. I had to dash home to get my car in for it's first MOT, which I was assured would be very quick and £54. Erm, no. I sat in the garage for 2 and a half hours whilst the mechanics did the "whistling through the teeth and shaking head" ceremony. Afterwards they merrily informed me that all of the repairs ( to be completed over 2 days ) would come to about £370. Ferking hell. It's not the cost that bugs me, it's just that I had a full sevice done in November when they assured me I was good to go for another year. It's an '06 car !! Time to upgrade maybe.

I left the garage just after closing time and made my way to the local supermarket to catch up on groceries as I've been away. I am one of those perverse people who really enjoy grocery shopping, I love pushing my trolley around, planning meals and picking up bargains. I was happily loading my purchases into the boot when a scary and very tall hairy trucker made his way towards me. "Just to tell you doll, you've got a slow puncture on the passenger side". I could have cried. In fact I seriously contemplated it, but thought again about the lemon cheesecake I had just bought and instantly brightened.

So I set off home and on the way, came the cruncher. A phone call from the man who was supposed to deliver my new kitten this evening. Apparently, the family mutt took great exception to the cute little bundle of fur attracting all the attention in the house and in the very small hours of the morning, savaged her to the extent that she needed to be taken to the vets and put to sleep. Gutted just begins to explain the way I felt when I heard that. :( The poor wee mite. On the positive side, he said his brother's cat has had kittens not long ago and they should be ready in two weeks or so.

So, after that day, just for a moment, I wished I was back in the supermarket, strolling around aisle two, when the nasally announcement was heard by all :

"Good evening customers, we have a very special offer for you in aisle three. Prozac is now marked down and is seventeen packs for the price of one".

For the record, I don't take prozac LOL, but watch this space. ;)

Tomorrow is another day. :)

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