Tuesday, 16 June 2009

London tour, Overnights and Emails

Good evening, I've not blogged for a while and for that I must apologise, but I've been up to my proverbials. Tonight I'm in Dundee, and utterly satisfied and very tired after a long tour. It's been a long day and the heat in the hotel room has been almost unbearable, but aside from that I've had a ball. I have to be honest, it's felt very strange to be away on tour without Amanda, it's just not the same watching trash daytime TV without someone to "Pfft" with.

Next month I'm off to London Paddington on July 10th and 11th and I'm very much looking forward to meeting some new guys ( and some existing clients ) there. I love London, it's such a stark contrast to my daily life here. I don't think I could live there again, but I enjoy the mania for a day or two. Tomorrow I'm off to Glasgow to do incalls for the day, so I'm looking forward to that, all the guys who used to come and see me in Dalry have been chomping at the bit, so it will be good to catch up with them.

Meanwhile back on the ranch, I've had a busy week. I had an overnight with a lovely Australian man, what a blast we had. He runs a very successful truck business back home and every so often he gets fed up and flies off somewhere to chill out. This time he chose a getaway holiday home not far from Edinburgh, so it was my pleasure to go and join him for an evening. When I got there he greeted me and poured me a glass of wine, whilst continuing to swig from his pint glass of rum and coke, I kid you not. He threw some steaks on the grill and we had a lovely dinner. Prior to retiring for the night he informed me that he "dines with the chooks". For the uninitiated, apparently this means that he goes to bed early and gets up at sunrise to feed the chickens prior to having his own breakfast. I surfaced c. 11am and he found it hilarious how anyone could sleep that long.

Here's a reality check, I see lots of ladies advertising 12 hour overnights, the truth is I've never done a 12 hour overnight in my life, it just doesn't happen. I need my sleep and the only way I'll ever wake up early is if I know my guy has a flight to catch and needs to leave at 7, etc. Other than that ? Forget it. My regular guys know to approach the bed with caution c. 10am with tea and toast and back away slooooooowly. LOL

Once I've had a shower and dressed up and done my make-up, I'm ready to have some fun again, but before that, approach at your peril. One of my guys has it down to a fine art form. Because he needs to be up early whenever we have an overnight, in the morning he kisses the back of my neck ( yum, lol ) and we have some lazy spoons sex, before he jumps into his suit and heads out for the day. Perfect.

Back on topic, later on in the week I had an overnight with my slave bitch, and far from the very negative emails I've been posting lately, I was very pleased to receive this :

Dear Laura,

I write this letter so I can put into writing how much I enjoyed our evening together, I feel that I may not have thanked you properly at the time my only excuse would be sensory overload ! The evening started off wonderfully, with you accompanying me to the restaurant, dressed beautifully in your dress and showing your legs (*wow*).

I noticed a number of admiring glances that you received as we entered, and I have to confess I bathed a little in the reflective glory, (as the saying goes reflective glory, is glory make the most of it. After all this is perhaps the basis of the Erdos Number, that many academic scientists celebrate)

Then we returned to the flat, where you dominated and humiliated me much to my pleasure and yours?

If you or anyone was wondering whether you could be a good cruel Mistress, then let me say YES.

I think I remember Mistress Laura in role-play, ordering me to e-mail her quicker than this, so I apologise to her for my latest. I know that Laura might forgive me, but that the other facet of your personality 'Mistress Laura' who I have become to love and trust, won't so I guess she will just have to punish me further next time we meet:) But if I was a well behaved slave all the time, perhaps I wouldn't need to be punished quite so harshly.

Some of your many facets came through during the evening, from the one who loved her new kitten and showed me pictures of it sleeping in her hat :) and enjoyed time out with her family, the one who educated me about some aspects of the history of languages, through to the one I have described above. I enjoyed meeting them all.

So to conclude, thank you again for a truly delightful and memorable evening.

What can I say to that ?

You are most welcome and I'm looking forward to seeing you again when you've recovered lol. ;)

So it's back to kittens and study and ironing and normality for a day or two, whilst all the while I will be thinking of new and inventive ways to torture my slave.

It's the differentiation that I love, the ability to sever the cruel mistress from the vanilla lover who adores reverse oral.

After my incall day at Glasgow tomorrow, I'm going back to "family" me, lounging about in my Winnie The Pooh pyjamas, ain't nothing like it. :)

Laura xx

P.S : For those of you concerned, my pussies are getting along grand now, and are doing the whole licking and grooming thing. Success at last. :)

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