Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Dundee, Amateur Psychologists and Uni

I've arrived in Dundee and am less than happy. I've done it again in terms of booking skills (NOT). This time I chose a lovely apartment by the river in the centre of town. It has WI-FI, great parking, etc. Only one problem, the landlady who's about 73 lives in the apartment directly opposite. Feeling particularly brave I welcomed my gentleman who had booked a two hour appointment earlier on, but I feel that's about all we would have got away with. She was out in the hallway watering plants that were in danger of drowning and hoovering right outside our door. When the buzzer went to announce the arrival of our Chinese meal earlier on she was straight out into the hallway to see who was arriving. Grrrrrr. So tomorrow we are moving to a hotel in the centre of Dundee and will do our incalls from there.

Following on from the post I did about the email that upset me, I had a follow up email from the same gentleman :

"I'm still where I was but without the shock . Your latest blog is you, the woman I know and care for, someone who appreciates lambs and tiny babies . I still find it quaint that you can also flog the ass off a man in a halloween mask ( him , not you ), suffocate him, and enjoy it . As I shovelled earth off the road outside the house this morning , dumped there but blocking traffic, I thought in an idle way how glad I was that I hadn't had anything unusual on the bedside table when we last met - an asthma inhaler perhaps which might have stretched your inventive powers. Thoughts invited, less than 10 words."

Do you really think that because you had an inhaler by your bed that I would suddenly have stepped out of my natural fluffy self and started dominating you ? Dear me, let me explain. Everyone has different facets to their personality and whether we like it or not, we subconsciously choose which side we will show. Just because a particular client expresses a desire for domination, doesn't make him any less a person and certainly doesn't earmark me as some sort of an uncontrollable animal for allowing him to safely indulge his fantasy.

Thoughts invited, less than 10 words ? "Better that you don't contact me again." There we are, that's seven words. I am very comfortable in the multi-role that I thoroughly enjoy, moving between passionate lover to cruel mistress and I no longer require your uninvited psychological analyses, thank you.

On a positive note, I got my first assignment returned from Uni, and I got 70%. Normally I'd be in meltdown because as an incurable perfectionist I want an "A" each time, but I'm comfortable with the mark. My tutor said that the content of my essay was very good, but I need to work on my style, leaning more towards academia, which is fair enough after 10 years away from the books and I can work on that.

Tomorrow myself and Amanda are moving to a hotel to do our incalls and it will feel very strange, we will have separate rooms whilst answering our phones and I guess at the end of the day we'll huddle up in her room or mine and watch TV and chill out. On Thursday we're off to Aviemore to meet one of my long standing clients for a duo, it should be very enjoyable, dinner and then back to his suite. He has only ever met me on a one to one basis, so all I can say is be afraid Mr M, be very afraid, hehe.

Aside from that Mr A is off to the Middle East for a month tomorrow for work, for goodness sake look after yourself and come home safely.

Nite, Laura x

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  1. Glad to see you're taking the right response to your amateur Psychologist :-)

    As I've lurked in the shadows of the escort world I find the relationship between client and escort can be quite strange. Before taking the plunge I spent a long time looking for someone who's public profile encouraged me to to contact her. I don't think I am, nor wish to seem to be, snobbish, I just knew the type of lady I was looking for. Happily for me it turned out sooo much better than I could have imagined. But throughout I was concious that our 'relationship' had many constraints and boundaries. Your Psychologist -lol- should be ecstatic that his time with you went so well. he didn't feel that you were pretending. It's his problem that he obviously found it difficult to accept that you may have a different relationship with someone else.
    My advice (for what it's worth) to clients out there is:
    Cherish the lady you are spending time with. You're a lucky guy if you click, feel comfortable and and can enjoy all the pleasures you want!
    Don't think too hard about what your friend might be doing with someone else, it what they do in their time with you that matters!
    P.S. you are right that Amanada is a special lady ;-) lmao


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