Sunday, 7 June 2009

Kitties, buddies, happiness and mothers

I decided I couldn't wait for two weeks so I went on the hunt, and yesterday I went to pick up my brand new kitten, she is absolutely insanely cute. I've attached a picture of her, she's full of fun and bounces around the house looking for more mischief to get into. It makes me smile when I watch her because she's so playful. My two year old tom cat doesn't think much of her so far, it has to be said. Did you know cats can growl ? Yes indeedy, yesterday we had a stand off with much hissing and growling, but I'm assured that's normal.

She's a gutsy wee thing, I was keeping an eye on them last night and she was growling back for all she was worth and when he went up into her face he was met with a very haughty "and you are?" look which had me dabbing my eyes with laughter. I made a fatal error in judgement and thought that because she's female he wouldn't resent her on his territory as he would a male, but that's not the case. It's considerably quieter today and they've gone to their respective corners, so although they haven't done the licking thing yet, I'm hopeful they'll get on. I'm still not confident enough to leave them alone for any great length of time, so I'm on kitty patrol today lol.

I've added the banner for Passionate Penny's new buddy site to my own today, and am very proud to support the work she does. The buddy scheme aims to link up more experienced escorts with new ladies, as unfortunately there are some individuals who will exploit ladies who have little or no knowledge of the industry. Penny does all of the work in pairing ladies up, and running the site in her own free time and is to be commended for the job she does. I was very lucky when I started, in that I had two older ladies who took me under their wings and gave me some advice and guidance. Other ladies have not been so lucky and because of the enforced secrecy this job brings with it, it can be a very lonely lifestyle, so it's brilliant to know that there is someone at the end of a phone or to meet for coffee who will listen and understand. I'll confess, the first time a client asked if I enjoyed watersports, I thought we were going yachting for the day. Oh, the shame. LOL.

It's been a very lazy Sunday for me, I've been doing a spot of reading and musing, always a dangerous endeavour. I was thinking about everything that's happened in the last twelve months and how much has changed. Moving town, the people that left my life ( thank goodness ) and those who've come into it. I concluded that I'm really very happy at the minute, life is good. My clan are all well and happy, Uni is going great, my friends are just amazing and my floozy life is as busy and fun as I could ever hope for. I hate to say that out loud, because it's an invitation to disaster, something is bound to go belly up LOL.

My peace was shattered by my weekly phone call from my mother. She caught me off guard, usually she phones at night when I've had a glass of wine so it's easier but today apparently she's off to some sort of exhibition or another. Don't get me wrong, I love her to pieces but just - ARRRGGGHHHHHH !!! Today's gem : " When are you going to get a proper job ?"


"I have a proper job Mother, if HMRC are willing to take my cash and it's good enough for them ..."

"It can't be good for your self esteem".

"You know what ? You're so right, I'm off to sign myself into a Carmelite Convent with immediate effect and self-flagellate until I finally see the error of my ways".

"There's no need for that tone of voice".

How do I love my family ? Let me count the ways. On that cheery note I'm off to bang my head repeatedly against a wall.

Laura xx

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